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Helena Šeblová was born in 1932 in Uherské Hradiště. She came from a family of glazier and seamstress. She had an older sister and a brother. Her family often moved depending on her father finding a job. In year 1935 they moved to Prague, earlier they had lived in Kyjov.

Helena Šeblová initially studied acting at the Academy of Performing Arts(AMU) in Prague. It was difficult for her to face relationships between students and professors there, so she interrupted her university studies and decided to go for pedagogy at the Secondary School in Teplice. After completing her studies, she worked as a teacher. A bit later graduated in psychopedia and somatopedia. After that she became a headmaster in a hospital school and remained working there until her retirement. Even retired she kept working as a teacher. She was married and had two daughters.

She loved theatre, dance, literature, music and visual arts and was also in her interests actively involved.


The truth about Mary Magdalena 

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena are son and daughter of Father on heaven. Jesus Christ brought to the mankind the teaching of love and Mary Magdalena spreads it.

In the beginning of anno Domini Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena were married couple. They had together three children, two sons and one daughter. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalena had to escape with her children from Judea during the persecution of Christians. Through Egypt and along the Mediterranean Sea she got to Marseille where she had spread the teaching of Truth and Love.

For the church this truth wasn’t suitable and that is why they made from Mary Magdalena a prostitute and from the mother of Jesus they made an idol. They have exchanged Mary for Mary.

This knowledge is important for each being to realize the irreplaceability of balanced masculine and feminine principle in the relation between a man and woman and that any kind of battle between those principles are moving you away from Father and the Highest principle of love and creation.  

Mary Magdalena and Jesus Christ are creating a pure dual of highest Love. They are model for whole mankind. 

Hana Dušková 





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