Dear friends,

there comes into your hands very valuable piece called “Book of spiritual drawings” from Mrs. Helena Šeblová that is also author of other spiritual and educative books of “Message”.

This is compilation of spiritual energetic drawings perceived from Spiritual Sun of the Highest principle of love and Creation, from the Highest Source of Love. In the drawings are caught purest energies from highest beings that lead, protect and spiritualize our planet and the life on it from the fore-beginning in past, now in presence and they will always continue in future including the being that is highest and purest Father Creator.

With his permission for beings on the planet were made available healing energies of precious spiritual sources including trees of life of the purest spiritual attributes – Life, Knowledge and Wisdom, and healing drawings. There is also available for you one the biggest spiritual wealth as Mercy of God from Father on heaven for our planet and its inhabitants.

With love Hana Dušková

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