Book of spiritual drawings - “Introduction”

    “I am you and you are me” these are words that Jesus Christ pronounced to his wife Mary Magdalena with enormous love.

    In spiritual worlds is Jesus Christ Son of God, Guar of Universe and in it also Highest protector of planets and stars including our planet. He is also Shepherd of shepherds of these planets and stars that Father on heaven entrusted to their care of individual shepherds. He is Adam, Archangel Sandalfon in foot and Archangel Metatron in the Crown of Keter of the Tree of life, Adam Kadmon, Messiah and Enoch he is Zeus and God Mithra…

    He is Alfa and Omega of entire spiritual, energetic and material world.

    Jesus Christ helped us with his lives fulfil karma of planets, nations and its inhabitants and his own. His incarnations always carried spiritual and material progress in the development of mankind, and in the historic period always had great importance and was profit for the living period or history understood or not.

    His last material incarnation was healer, spiritual teacher and founder and leader of the group of White Cone Mrs. Helena Šeblová. She is author of the spiritual books “Message”, “Book of healing drawings” and now presented to you “Book of spiritual drawings”.

    Material incarnations of Jesus Christ, Helena Šeblová in historic timeline from life on Atlantis till the current time are incarnations that were revealed to us and with love I will describe it to you.

    Historical meaning of individual incarnations was revealed to us gradually and truly there are many times completely different historical persons and their lives, that was also presented for the public. About true spiritual dimensions of individual incarnations of Jesus Christ there were not any line till this time. Many things are explained in the book “Message” published for public and in those that were revealed only to intimate.

    Mary Magdalena was always close to Jesus Christ or with him created these love-full even very exhausting beings.

    Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena were revealed to us as one common being in period of splendour of Atlantis and this was being that the world knows the philosopher, spiritual teacher and thinker Hermes Trismegistos. His main and most important profit for entire mankind is carrying to them from Light “Teaching of truth and love”, making that way closer and showing the Path of Holy Grail leading to Father on heaven. In all following incarnations showed and especially as Jesus Christ that through love and purity of spirit and soul you can enter the Kingdom of heaven.

    Hermes Trismegistos was revealed to us as white hair old man with gentle face that before the explosion and destruction of Atlantis left and went towards other lives on planet with love and truth in heart. This Path he showed to entire mankind during his next lives.

    Hermes Trismegistos and his spiritual parts we found out in incarnation of Egyptian God Thovt, Noe, Jewish Abraham, pharaoh Akhenaton, Moses, Salomon and David, poet Homer, Buddha, king Minos, master Lao-c´e, Chinese Confucius, king Arthur. He was Socrates, Alexander the Great, Archimedes, Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, holy John from Patmos, Mohamed, Fore-Father Čech.

    With Mary Magdalena they created Cyril and Method, holy Václav, Genghis Khan, Karel IV., Jan Hus, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo da Vinci, Suleiman I. the Magnificent, Elizabeth I., Galileo Galilei, Jan Ámos Komenský, Isaac Newton. With Mary Magdalena they created most important figures of Father founders of USA – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin. He was Maria Theresa, Katherine I., Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Honoré de Balzac, Božena Němcová, Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák, Albert Einstein, and last known person was incarnation in the being of Mrs. Helena Šeblová.

    In each incarnation and also in those that were not revealed to us Hermes Trismegistos fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ as well the will of God. Many times ends of lives of this love-full beings from Light were exhausting, painful and violent but this were all timelines and circles of lives of Son of God. He continuously asked beings to recognize Light from darkness, good from evil, truth from lie and love from bounds.

    “I am you and you are me” with smile pronounced Mary Magdalena to her husband Jesus Christ and with love melted with her masculine principle. They are in harmony, they are One, they are connected with Spiritual Sun of the Highest principle of love and Creation and they are connected with Father Creator. Their love and energy of Holy Grail in their hearts will always lead them together, they will recognize each other. There are no purest energies on this planet.

    This was from the fore-beginning and this is in presence and it will be in the future because this is the will of God. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena are Son and Daughter of God.

    I wish to each being to understand the “Teaching of truth and love” and liberate and be happy!

    With love Hana Dušková, incarnation of Mary Magdalena



                Jesus Christ                                      Mary Magdalene



Astral world, anti-world and dull planet

    From the period when aggressors enter on our planet as magicians and controlled also energetic covering closely around our planet. They could more easily control thinking and feeling of all beings on the planet. They called this space the anti-world. In this area with help of magnetic web around the planet was “acting Kryon”. Black riders of Apocalypses headed by Yahweh on the basis of their megalomania thinking were proclaiming everywhere that the planet is dull and beings are captured in it. Magicians had they as prisoners because they can manipulate them and misuse for their purposes.

    The area of dark thoughts, manipulations and poisoned energy was preventing magicians from penetration of Light from Father on heaven to the surface of the planet where is life to prevent anybody perceive Father and His love.

    The author of book of “Message” for understanding of readers described on the vertical line levels of development of our planet from planet Gonga through Earth, Gaia and more (see 1st volume, page 147). Under planet Gongo she mentioned anti-world.

    Where our ends there begins the astral world. The same is valid about the aura of the planet. The astral world is not the anti-world. This is above the astral world. The astral world and the anti-world created two wide strips above planet.

    Magicians controlled the astral world for “help” during attacks and for magical devilments and spirits that did not left to Father or where they should and they were left in this astral world in this area. There is everything – thoughts good and evil, pours of different energies, larva of spirits after leaving material bodies, magical creation, spiritual media, incorrigible and wandering spirit...

    Magicians created anti-world and this was and for many magicians still it is “home”. There are demons and fears and anti-world is the place with the heaviest dirt and black energies, embryonic mass and spiritual parasites…


Prayers and its energy

    Prayers of individual reals of our planet in which are active material beings:

Prayer of Jesus Christ “Lord´s Prayer” belongs to planet Earth in the fourth realm.

Prayer of Mary Magdalena “Light” belongs to planet Gaia in fifth realm.

Prayer of Mother planet belongs to planet Centauri in sixth realm.

Holy mantra “Ohm” connects all prayers and harmonized including our planet and those three evolutional levels.


Prayer of Jesus Christ “Lord´s Prayer”


Prayer of Mary Magdalena “Light”


Prayer of Mother planet




Holy mantra “Ohm”


    You can find all above mentioned prayers in section “About us” in the article “Prayers”.

    With love Hana Dušková

    11th August 2018



Help of the Angel of morning star

    Our kind thanks belongs to Angel of morning star, Son of God for the protection from hate, anger and violence from magicians and aggressors. Love of the Angel of morning star and the importance of the spiritual position of this person because he is Lord and supervisor above darkness protected us all in all realms and dimensions where constantly strong pressure of negativity was performed, attacks from magicians and aggressors that did not wish to reveal the truth.

    We perceived and felt only such amount of negativity to be able to manage all attacks from magicians and to not overlook anything and correctly understand that magicians and aggressors are capable of everything and to recognize attacks and their attacks and weapons and we were able to eliminate them. The major part of negativity and demonstration of aggression from attackers eliminated Angel of morning star itself or his helpers from Light.

    The position of the Angel of morning star also secures and guaranty that each attacker receives back and will receive back in future what he used to harm others and how he breaks universal laws from Light and what he prepares to him because Father on heaven did not punish anybody but on the basis of equality of energies and universal laws everybody receives back what emanates out. And now we know that evil will destroy itself.

    Inhabitants of our planet and Universal confederation of planets and stars took part in our Meeting and observed elimination of central concentrated source of the evil in universe – “Kryon” and everything connected with it and also return of evil back to those who created it and destroyed planet, its inhabitants and life on the planet.

    Help of Angel of morning star was and still is so big that without it we couldn´t work and fulfil important tasks that are presented from Father, Council of Highest, Guard of universe and other competent beings from Light.

    With love and in humility and respect we thank you.


Angel of morning star



Elimination of evil “Kryon” and opening the passage between fourth and fifth dimension

     In July 2018 on the Meeting of the group White Cone representatives of the Universal confederation of planet and stars and beings from Light headed by Father Creator, Mother of planet Gaia, Guard of universe and the entire variety of beings from Light and on this meeting several important events involving our planet and planet and star in past occupied by aggressors headed by Jahveh fallen Son of God.

    Intervention of God eliminated in space other central source of concentrated evil called by magicians “Kryon” and also mention as “Magical service” including its Gordian net with covering by stones and magical connections with individual occupied planets and stars. In the same time was eliminated also magical connecting web around the entire planet connected on “Kryon” With magical web were eliminated also magical guardians of the source of evil (they called themselves “Angels of Light” but they were coming from darkness and with their names they confused all inhabitants of the planet) and obstinate magicians and aggressors in coincidence with universal laws from Light. These incorrigible magicians and violent beings and those that misused and still misuse information from Light on favour of darkness on the basis of their produced evil during many lives and current lives their evil will return back. They were affected by firing sparkles coming from the elimination of the source that took place by the Lightning of God.

    Their bodies and rests of rotten trees of life are firing from inside and similarly when the self-inflammation takes place by the fire of Elias. About their material end of life decides only Father on heaven.

    After purification of planets and stars including our planet by the Sun of Justice there was allowed by Father on heaven to open the passage between fourth realm (planet Earth) and fifth realm (planet Gaia) for those beings that manages the spiritual purification including energetic and material one and understood spiritual laws from Light including the Teaching of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena and on the basis of emanated love they could progress in their spiritual development.

    After the process of progress ends the passages were closed again.

    Progressing beings we congratulate and we wish them to keep in mind all the time that they received a great Mercy of God.

    With love Hana Dušková



Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet

    Hermes Trismegistus stood before me and asserted: “I am you and you are me.” I am his part, together with Jesus.

    Helenka entered the Hermes’s material body as one part of the masculine side and one part of the feminine side, whereas I entered as the one part of the feminine side. Thus feminine principle entered the male body.

    When we realized it, we could see Hermes Trismegistus in the form of a man inscribed in the circle by Leonardo da Vinci, spanning the whole territory of our country. Saint Agnes of Bohemia is also protected and strengthened by Hermes Trismegistus as the genius loci of our nation, as well as is our nation as a whole, everything that is good in it. His knowledge, i.e. knowledge from Atlantis, shall be transferred by the shepherds of men to the planets where they are working.

    The next vision showed this figure gradually growing and extending until it spanned over the whole planet. The picture of the person inscribed in the circle depicts our planet inside the circle.

    On the “Emerald Tablet” book cover, the person is not inscribed in one, but rather in two circles. The annular area contains five distinct characters with regular spacing. These are the notes’ symbols. From the person’s heart with an “ADAM” caption, love and Light is flowing in the directions of said notes, i.e. in the directions of five planets inhabited by the shepherds of Light, namely the Amber planet, planet of skullheads, planet of reptiles, Pleiades, and planet of the transformed souls. These planets are thus energetically connected with that person, i.e. Hermes Trismegistus, Jesus Christ, and the Teachings of Truth and Love.


Atlantis and the Seven Copper Scrolls

    Time has come, the truth about Atlantis was disclosed to us and a “Master” from the ancient times of the lost continent has revealed himself.

    He is a being from Light, shining, wise, and possessing a vast knowledge, we know him from his many important incarnations on our planet and throughout the Creation.

    Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean just behind the Pillars of Heracles, precisely as was described by the Greek philosopher Plato (Aristocles). Its lowest part was not so far from the Terra del Fuego in America, and Antarctica. Plato was not wrong, as many speculators try to persuade us, placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea.

    These days we finally have been allowed to rescue the beings from Atlantis. We know that the decay of the continent was caused by the accrued negativity and evil, then the crystal skulls exploded and the whole continent was destroyed.


Leonardo da Vinci - "Salvatore Mundi"

     Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of Jesus Christ called “Salvator Mundi” was sold at auction in New York for a record price for any Leonardo’s, and in fact even for any artwork whatsoever for the time being.

    “Salvator Mundi” is Latin for Savior of the World. According to Wikipedia: “The painting shows Jesus, in Renaissance dress, giving a benediction with his raised right hand and crossed fingers while holding a transparent rock crystal orb in his left hand.”

    We certified the authenticity of the original painting, including that Leonardo da Vinci himself is the author. During painting, a white dove of the Holy Spirit was flying around the painter. In order to render a faithful image of Jesus, Leonardo followed the lead of the Jesus Christ Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit.

    Trying to persuade us about the magical nature of Jesus, magicians maintain that the orb that Jesus is holding in his left hand is a rock crystal orb, but it is not. It is a spiritual planet from the times when the one and only one continent was Pangea and oceans were anywhere else.

    It was then, when Jesus came to the planet to protect it, which is symbolized by his right hand’s fingers raised as if he swears allegiance to the Father in heaven, promising to protect our planet forever. At the same time, it is a gesture of giving the blessing to the whole planet and the then existing life. After the Pangea had been torn apart, the continents as we know them today were formed. The black background of the painting of Jesus symbolizes the vast cosmic space.

    Raised fingers also symbolize caution or warning to those who would like to destroy the planet, because it is under the supreme protection of the Father in heaven. The orb as planet also includes entire planet’s knowledge, and therefore entire knowledge is inherent in Jesus: “I am the Path and the Truth and the Life!“ This is the spiritual message of the painting “Salvator Mundi.”

    The face on the painting is reminiscent of the Mona Lisa’s face. The assumption that someone posed for Leonardo during painting Mona Lisa is not true. Mona Lisa is the female principle, whereas Salvator Mundi – Savior of the World, is the male principle. The two paintings match together in the same way as Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene do, as painter disclosed in his painting “Eucharist” as well.

    The beings should perceive the form of Jesus as true. However, many envious persons advise that his fingers are crossed, that it is an ecclesiastical painting, and that he actually is holding the rock crystal orb. There also have been copies from another painters, who painted in a religious cross on the top of the orb. The Church came hurrying to misrepresent facts here.

    We have been asking for the protection of the original painting against theft, destruction, and damage. We gave the blessing to those interested in seeing the painting so as to be able to perceive the true form of Jesus and his mission on the planet and we also expressed acknowledgment to Leonardo da Vinci for his efforts.


           Mary Magdalene                                   Jesus Christ


20th November 2017




Energetic Writings above the Planet

    For a quite long time, we have been reading a group of four rainbow-colored writings that are visible from each and every place on Earth. Looking from the planet, the nearest writing says: Jesus Christ “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life!” The second one is as follows: “Ask and it will be given to you!” The third writing says: “God’s will be done!” and there is also the following motto shining above all the writings: “Path to God is Love and Love is the path to God.”

    We keep asking the Father in heaven to enlighten all beings by the Holy Spirit, allow them to see those writings and to be able to understand them, to accept them in heart, as well as to begin to live in accordance with cosmic spiritual laws of love and the God’s will.

    We wish all beings to be able to purge themselves so as to find within themselves the Spark of God, i.e. the part of the Father in heaven, and realize that there is no need for any intermediator between this Spark of God and the Father in heaven. We wish all beings to be able to distinguish between Light and darkness, between good and bad, between what is true and what is false, and between true love and attachment.

    With love,

    Hana Dušková

    18th September 2016

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