Legitimate inheritors of the planet – God´s Dual and Bridge of love between them

A spiritual image showed us a man with an axe in his hand. His axe is double-sided, it used to be used by magicians, mostly Martians, when they were mining gold from our planet as attackers. We see gold running out of the planet after being hit with an axe. The planet used to be rich spiritually and materially, too. A magician with an axe in his hand is a symbol of all plundering and violence against the planet. All the aggressors who participated and are still participating in plundering the planet, shall be fully responsible for their acts against universal spiritual laws from Light. A lot of them are brought to an ordeal. 

The black Apocalypse rider, black son of Jahwe, a dissenting Son of God and the planet ruler Black Cone, is one of the biggest aggressors on the planet.

In his thoughts, he is still dealing with his wealth and property which he owns and for which he has documents, agreements, bonds..., regardless of the fact how he came into the possession. After finding out we have revealed his secret hidden in the black heart, his attacks towards the beings from the Light became very strong and dangerous.

According to Kabala, the Tree of Life is a symbol of life power and of infinite life. It is a living form of our Universe, containing all God´s features and energy.

Instead of three pillars of the Tree of life the black Apocalypse rider has three tall steel columns which, in his opinion, tower very high as God. There is a fierce, muddy river and marsh flowing close to the columns. The steel columns are anchored at the bottom of the 4th sphere, in square concrete bases, and there are decorations on the top of the columns. Under the columns, there is attached a knot tied from black binding.

We were shown the black triad of dangerous magicians, three parts of the black son. Their positions are in three black sefirots on steel columns of the aggressor´s black tree of life. They are the black king, the king´s black daughter and the king´s black son, all of them being the aggressors. There is the black king (black son) on top of the middle steel column in the black Keter Crown. There is a banshee (black Apocalypse rider, satan) on the left column in the black Bina sefira, and a male banshee (black Apocalypse rider, satan) on the right column in the black Chochma sefira. It is a top black magical triad. 

Adam Kadmon´s heel (in a symbolic way humanity´s heel) has been bitten by a poisonous snake, poisonous snake power of the black Apocalypse rider. The snake has infected Adam Kadmon´s tree by its poison, while the poison had impact on the humanity in all development phases of the planet, and through its magical influence, its manipulations and violence it was to be directed towards the black king (towards Jahwe´s black son and Black Cone ruler) in its development, so as the humanity would invoke him as God and so as to keep his magical power. 

A wound caused to mankind, Adam Kadmon, was cleared with every single being and filled with love. All trees of life on the planet as well as trees of elements and beings in their phases of development have been cleared by our pleas.  All that was infected by the aggressor has been cleared. 

The black Apocalypse rider, black son, as one and the same being, was and is responsible for attacks and malice of magical family against the God´s daughter. 

In his religious view, Eva tasted an apple in Paradise, a forbidden fruit from black son´s magical tree, magical tree of knowledge of good and evil, and thereby she got into his magical world. 

He assures himself that thereby he has taken control of Adam´s Eve. This religious lie has been still active. Religious magical lies together with the tree of these lies and their evil seeds were crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet in the past and now, and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame with the author of this untrue idea and his magical practices. 

A black snake of his own, his evil, wound up the black rider´s arm and bit him. Evil is destroyed by itself. He was eliminated with evil seeds, by which he infected mankind. The infected beings have been purged and healed in all spiritual levels, in all phases of development of the planet. We fortified them with pure love. 

However, the attacks against the beings from Light are still going on. I heard screams to stop existing. One of the attackers said we have to destroy „fur“.

The author of the seven volume Message perceived in the past that the Sun would rise in the West.  What does it mean spiritually? A move of magnetic pole? Repoling of the planet? What has a painting of Albrecht Dürer, a German painter, to do with it? 

An heir apparent was pronounced by a being from Light. 

Wikipedia: Far and away the most well-known of any of Albrecht Dürer´s self-portraits (known also as a self-portrait in a fur coat from the year 1500 belongs to his top artwork. In this painting, the painter´s face comes out of dark shapeless background with mysterious urgency, reminding of Leonard´s Mona Lisa.

To destroy fur means to destroy Dürer and thereby me, because we have solved the Apocalypse.

The German painter Albrecht Dürer, an heir apparent. Albrecht Dürer was incarnated God´s Daughter. There must always be an incarnated being in the world of matter, who is connected with the Heavenly Father through all four worlds, Asija, Jecira, Berija and Acilut.

We see two men standing next to each other. They are Salvatore Mundi and Albrecht Dürer. 

God´s Son and God´s Daughter, as a pure Dual from Light, are an heir apparent of our planet.

An apostate God´s Son Jahwe gave the planet to his black son in the past, as to an heir apparent because Jahwe came as an aggressor from Mars and acted as the first ruler of our planet. 

There are two positions of heirloom. The initial comes from the Heavenly Father for pure Dual and it is apparent, and the second position is from Jahwe for the black son and it is invalid. Therefore, there are all those attacks of the black rider towards the God´s Daughter, so that she would not exist any more, so that she would not stand in a way, and so that fur would be destroyed. 

Jahwe´s act of giving the planet to the Apocalypse black rider as to an heir apparent is invalid and it has never been valid. However, Jahwe, the black son, the black Apocalypse riders and other magicians always behaved like the planet belonged to them. They distorted the truth, replaced it with lie and manipulated a lot of beings who believed them.

True from Light about an heir apparent of the planet is today, i.e. 26th May 2022, pronounced in Malchut of the world of matter Asija, exactly at 3:35 p.m. and it can be heard in all the Creation.

God´s Daughter incarnated into a material body of Albrecht Dürer, which was necessary, so that a female principle would complete a task in a male´s body. So there were two incarnated beings from  Light. Salvatore Mundi, God´s Son and Albrecht Dürer, God´s Daughter (also as Mona Lisa), both are pure Dual from Light. 

There is spiritual light in the east of the planet, and darkness, marsh, swamp, (tunnel, spirals, guns, sticks, spiderwebs...) in its west, where we can also see two steel columns, male and female satan, male and female banshee (see above).

Jesus Christ met his task in the world of matter during the life of the Message author, and the God´s Daughter is the one, who as Mary Magdalene went through hell to purify the life on the planet, i.e. through dangerous situations that might be compared to hell when she was followed by magicians, black son, black Apocalypse riders, clerics.... and her material as well as spiritual life was in danger.

God´s Son was portrayed in Salvatore Mundi´s painting by Leondardo da Vinci and God´s Son promised he would protect the planet as well as its life. And God´s Daughter was portrayed in Albrecht Dürer´s self-portrait, when his right hand is resting on his heart and she promised to Jesus: I will help you with that.

In the west of the planet, there has been evil and dirt since the beginning of the planet, when the aggressors applied their power and evil. The East of the planet is very important. The material Sun rises here as our Star having impact on all material life. Pharaoh Achnaton was looking toward the East when he invoked God Aton. God Zeus protects an air element in the East, the Sun of Justice rises in the East when it works on the planet. And there are God´s Son and God´s Daughter as God´s Dual standing in the east as Light, as heirs apparent of the planet. 

And God´s Daughter came out of this Light and headed towards the west, supported by God´s Son´s love. There was the Bridge of Love in front of her, which she was crossing proudly while working on elimination of magical creation permanently that was left here by the aggressors, magicians and mostly by the black son, the black Apocalypse rider. 

As God´s Daughter is begging the Heavenly Father and eliminating  magical creation by the Holy Ghost´s Flame, she reaches the middle of the Bridge of Love slowly. In this place, she begs for strengthening from the Spiritual Sun of the Highest Love Principle and Creation, for protection by the Morning Angel and Guide of Universe, for managing the most difficult part and reaching marsh, a dangerous place in the west. Spiritual Sun started to shine above God´s Daughter and penetrated her by its shining and Light. Strengthened by Love, she headed slowly to complete her task to the west, she was slowly walking down from the highest point of the Bridge of Love to eliminate all, that was necessary to eliminate on the planet, all that was being revealed to us for a long time. 

God´s Daughter seemed to be really exhausted when reaching approximately three quarters of the Bridge, nevertheless, she went on walking bravely. She worked with the Sword of Justice and she eliminated all magical things by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. Here, she received a shepherd´s crook from the Father. The same shepherd´s crook was held by God´s Son in the east.

When approaching marsh, she asked the Sun of Justice for help to eliminate, together with her and Holy Ghost´s Flame, this blackness with the black son, the black Apocalypse rider and his magical creation, false heritage, with a male and female banshee, a male and female satan. Before it happened, an image of the black Apocalypse rider had appeared,  with crossed arms on his chest coming down to marsh with the middle steel column, as he would fall through to hide there. The black rider tried to pull God´s Daughter down to his marsh, to his evil at that moment. However, it was impossible since marsh has been eliminated together with him, in all his forms and incarnations. God´s Daughter asked her Father for help, to eliminate all evil of the black son, black Apocalypse rider, magical worlds, steel columns..., to a necessary depth of the planet. 

There was great elimination going on when God´s Daughter was standing on the Bridge of Love, close to marsh. After elimination of marsh and the black rider, she stepped on the west part of the planet with her right foot. After stepping there, Light started shining throughout the whole space occupied by evil before. The speed of the process was as slow as necessary. The places occupied earlier by evil have been purified by Fire of Life, Sun of Justice and filled with love and God´s Light. 

God´s Daughter stayed in the west and turned her body clockwise towards the east where God´s Son was standing. She hit the planet with a shepherd´s crook.

The Bridge of Love between them, between the west and the east, could have been only created by pure love of God´s Daughter and God´s Son. This is the right meaning of recording the truth of the Message author, when she saw the Sun rising in the west. Both these Lights, in the east and in the west, connected all the planet by love. After a while, the Bridge of Love changed into a beautiful rainbow which spreaded to both directions and as a hemisphere wrapped the upper part of the planet. The same thing happened on the lower part of the planet. And a rainbow spreaded again as a hemisphere to the lower part of the planet.

Mercy of God penetrated to the whole planet and has become a part of the planet aura. God´s Son is the Sun in the east and God´s Daughter is the Sun in the west. The Bridge of Love leads from the east to the west and from the west to the east from every single place on our planet. 

It took 30 years of difficult spiritual purification of the planet to understand the importance of the revealed truth.

The words of God´s Son „The Sun rose in the west“ became true.

We are witnesses of the highest purification taking place right in front of us. In the east, we see shining Light of God´s Son as shining sefira Chochma on the right pillar of the sefirotic tree of life. We see Light of God´s Daughter in the west as shining sefira Bina on the left pillar of the sefirotic tree of life. There is Spiritual Sun of the Highest Principle of Love and Creation above them in the highest point of the Bridge of Love, in the Keter Crown of the middle column of the sefirotic tree of life. 

God´s Daughter advanced from the east to the west on the planet, towards future, from sefira Chochma, protected by sefira of Keter Crown to sefira Bina. 

Light is all and it is everywhere. The Bridge of Love is rainbow energy, we got to understand it at 6 p.m. exactly on 26th May 2022. We see presence of bright God´s TriUnity on the planet. 

We got to understand what it means that Sun rises in the west. A plea that the Light would penetrate  to all elements, the empire and all the life. A plea that all the life on the planet would be blessed. 

In a spiritual image, we see Adam Kadmon standing on the planet and we perceive that he is the planet. From his right hand, touching the east, the Bridge of Love leads to the west via his Keter Crown, to his left hand touching the west. The same relates to mankind. A plea to Father to bless mankind, so that the planet inhabitants would perceive the truth which we have witnessed and are bringing now. Let everything be according to the original God´s plan, so that the beings can, after their purification, come back and sink into God´s arms. 

We are sending love to the Mother of the planet. By connection of the east with the west, the past purified through kabala fertilized the future. After this act, we see the Mother of the planet pregnat with love. We, as humanity, are her children. Humanity should mend its ways, purify and get more necessary experience for its spiritual development. 

The manifested events are of great spiritual importance for future development of humanity.

God´s Dual bowed humbly in front of the Heavenly Father. It was a deep expression of humility and thanks that there is no hell, and there is no way to hell.

The Mother of the planet also thanked the Heavenly Father for help that she is pregnant with love to mankind and life on the planet. 

God´s Dual inherited the planet from the Heavenly Father. A cosmic fate of Dual, an heir apparent, was to purify the planet from hell and from the way to hell.

It was also connection of God´s Son in the east and God´s Daughter in the west, and creation of the Bridge of Love between them, that helped to make the Mother of the planet pregnant with love. The Mother of the planet is in the middle of the Bridge of Love, where we saw the Spiritual Son of the Highest Principle of Love and Creation.

Peace and love to all!

With love Hana Dušková


Bridge of love



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