End of and closing the Iron Age Era in the world of matter Asija within sefira Malchut

We were told by the beings from Light that the Iron Age Era shall be ended also in the world of matter Asija (according to Kabala and sefirotic tree of Adam Kadmon world of acting). In the world Berija (the world of creation) the era was ended based upon an order of the Heavenly Father from the world Acilut (the world of emanace). A leader of the White Cone Group, Helena Šeblová (God´s Son), recorded everything in the world Jecira (the world of creation) and during her activity in the group the Iron Age Era was ended in this world on 21st March 2000, at 9:55 a.m. And it is our Light Mission task in the present to end the Iron Age Era in the world of matter, in the world Asija in sefira Malchut.

On 13th January 2022, at 4:48 p.m., the Iron Age Era was ended and closed in the world of matter Asija in sefira Malchut.

This event was pronounced by God´s Daughter to all the Creation. We thank for mercy of God. 

Discharging of karma from the Iron Age Era and ending of the Iron Age Era in material Malchut in Asija was hastened by Covid pandemic in the whole world. Even though we considered the pandemic to be huge evil in the beginning, the Heavenly Father used the situation caused by magicians to discharge karma and end the Iron Age Era in such a great extent throughout all the planet at the same time.

Based on free will, everybody expressed himself during the pandemic, a magician or a being who accepted vaccinations. Karmas of the beings afflicted by covid, vaccinated or non-vaccinated have been and are being discharged. 

We thank the Heavenly Father, Archangel Gabriel and Gabriel God´s Son, our spiritual protector and teacher, for help that we have understood and begged and eliminated correctly attacks that appeared and were led against us. It was an image of a man with a steel club that helped us to understand. Both symbols are symbols of the Iron Age Era. The Iron club belongs to black son, the „strongest“one, who used to attack everytime and everywhere with this club (symbol of attacks, toughness and violence), he wanted to destroy Truth and love on the planet, God´s Daughter and God´s Son, who always brought and spreaded out the Truth from Light. Effectiveness of the Wheels of Justice is activated in accordance with spiritual laws from Light. 

The Iron Age Era was crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet with their representatives (Jahwe – a renegade God´s Son, ruler of the Black Cone planet and their black son), with all their magical creations and all related, with the black Apocalypse riders, their paralel beings, magicians, black ghosts and their souls, their produced evil and magical creation. Everything was eliminated by the Sun of Justice for male and female principles. God´s Daughter eliminated everything and also an idea of the Iron Age and magical tree by the Holy Ghost´s Flame with the help of the Morning Angel and the Guide of Universe. 

The iron club, a symbol of toughness (an arm bone of Black Crist) and black son were crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet in the past, in the present and in the future. God´s Daughter eliminated them repeatedly by the Holy Ghost´s Flame together with uprooted magical tree of the black son. Recent chaos on the planet was to cover the truth. Chaos was cancelled, drawn away from the planet and the beings and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. We begged for the planet and the beings, so that they would be cleaned by the Mercy of God and love, enlightened by the Saint Ghost, realigned in male and female principles, so that harmony and God´s rule would rule the planet. We thank the Father for the important information and help from Light to end the Iron Age Era in all its extent.

In the world of matter Asija all the life was affected violently. All that was permitted, was drawn away and eliminated. All the planet was cleared, illuminated and filled with Light of God´s and our love. At the same time, elements and evolutionary lines were cleared and realigned.

We begged that the purged New Age in the world Asija and in the world Jecira would help the beings in their spiritual overhaul.

With love Hana Dušková



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