End of the „Black Bats Era“ on our planet

During our spiritual work we saw a big brown heart. It is a magical heart common for all 21 magicians (Martians) including Jahwe, a renegade God´s son. „Beat as one heart,“ Jahwe said and in the past he flew out of a mount of OlympusMons on Mars as a black dragon. An artificial magical heart as a symbol of magicians´ connection was crossed out from the Akashi book records of the planet Mars and our planet, drawn away and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame by God´s Daughter with the help of Morning Angel and Space Guard, and it was done twenty one times. The heart´s form changed, we saw it as a magical tree with fruits of magical learning. 

We saw twenty one magicians to fly out of volcano on Mars, i.e. they flew from Mars towards our planet where they incarnated into human bodies. Jahwe was the first to fly as a golden bat, changed from the black dragon, and 20 magicians followed him as 20 black bats. We saw all 20 magicians to change into black bats on Mars. Jahwe came to our planet as a conqueror and aggressor, and strong and powerful magicians with him. The one, who knows history of Mars ending and inhibiting our planet by Martians, knows what this is about (7 parts of Legacy by Helena Šeblová). 

Black bats from Mars became human beings on our planet. We begged that black bats would be crossed out from the Akashi book records of the planet in all its revolutionary phases, and also as aggressors in their human forms and forms in their future incarnations. The bats leeched onto roots of Adam Kadmon´s tree of life in the spots where trunk turns to roots. The bats were cut off from Adam Kadmon´s tree by Sword of Justice and they were eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame with all creating them (bodies, wings, fangs, saliva, excrement, prints, …). We begged that all the magicians would be treated according to God´s decision and that all 20 magicians would be brought to an ordeal. Jahwe had already been removed from the planet before. Wounds on Adam Kadmon´s tree of life were cleaned and healed by Light and poison was removed. Wounds and all the tree of Adam Kadmon were filled with Light, as well as all the places where Adam Kadmon spreads out from Malchut of the world Asija to Acilut, because Adam Kadmon represents mankind and all life on the planet. 

The being of tree of Learning from Light pronounced that Adam Kadmon´s tree is the Holy Grail. We thanked the being for sharing the important knowledge and that we have understood. Let the Holy Grail, Adam Kadmon´s tree of life, be protected by love, so that the beings on the planet would see it and would be able to set out on a Journey to the Heavenly Father with love. 

Adam Kadmon´s tree of life was illuminated by God´s love from Acilut to Malchut in Asija. Thereby the Holy Grail was spread from Acilut (from Divinity) to Malchut of the materil world of Asija. Every being should be able to see the Holy Grail´s Journey to the Heavenly Father. 

We see recent events from black bats arrival to the planet up to the present when one black bat turned into stone. The golden bat Jahwe had been taken from the planet before. We record necessary information about it only to complete the occurred events. 

The overall time of the events that have happened since blak bats (Martians) arrival to the planet up to the present moment, when one bat turned into stone, was understood and called correctly. This period of their magical influence on our planet is called the „Era of black bats“. We heard rustle of wings. Rustle was caused by wings of other 19 bats. One turned into stone and Jahwe does not exist any more. The remaining ones feel very anxious. They used to intimidate the beings on the planet by this unpleasant and scary rustle. They wanted the beings to be scared of everything, Covid, war, uncertainty... and they wanted to be able to manipulate them more easily in the past and in the present. 

Four black Apocalypse riders were always ready to attack based on rustle of bats´ wings. We can see one black rider on each side of a black cross, lying across the whole planet (The Earth is called the Planet of the Cross). We saw all four black riders reach the middle of the black cross, we heard an order „Centre!“ and the black riders went back to their positions in four world directions, this time on black horses. They spreaded out evil on the planet. 

All four Apocalypse black riders, four parts of black son of Jahwe and the ruler of the planet Black Cone, were together with the cross crossed out from the Akashi book records of the planet four times, and eliminated with all magic and evil four times by God´s Daughter by the Holy Ghost´s Flame.

We thanked Heavenly Father that our planet tormented for a long time is still alive, that the good is always one march ahead of evil. 

„The black bats era“ came to end today, i.e. 31st March 2022, at 5:33 p.m. Time in numbers 8 + 6 = 14 and 1 + 4 = 5, a black pentagram. The numeric total of date and time is 9, i.e. reversed black six, a number of magic. 

Un unpleasant sound we always hear is a sound of a magical time machine and also a sound of bats´ wings. We see a watch showing permanent time 12 o´clock, the little hand and the big hand are in the same position at the top. This provides magicians with a feeling of immortality, feeling that earth time does not count for them. They feel immortal like Gods. The space below the watch hands  is black like universe, a wristband is green like contribution by Jahwe, a lord of time Kronos, who was provided with absolute magical power on our planet in the past. Jahwe´s watch size covers all the planet. 

The watch was ticking with the hands staying in the same position, on 12 at the top. The beings from Mars, 20 bats, 20 astronauts (simple drawings of beings in spacesuits are found in cave paintings in deep history of mankind), got the watch as a present from Jahwe. The original watch of Jahwe contains 20 watches of other magicians ticking and echoing magical power, then they were taken from all the planet and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. 

The black rider, one part of black son, is lying on bed and a scythe is hovering above him in the air. 

One proverb says „What goes around comes around“. He gets back what he sent out. We can hear a sound of scythe and even on the deathbed, he wishes to cut a thread of Mary Magdalene´s life by his weapon. And this sound shall be the last thing he would hear in his life.

All the scythes, gillotines, cutting boards, magical weapons, ... which used to be used by black riders and other magicians to torcher the beings, were drawn away and eliminated. The attackers and those making weapons were secured, crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet, and they will be given back what is decided by the Father according to universe spiritual laws. Some of them shall be taken to an ordeal, some eliminated with weapons, cythe, gillotine, cutting equipment and other weapons by which they used to harm  the beings. Whistling of weapons, scary sounds and echoes were drawn away from all elements, mainly from the air where they were spreading with their echoes. Experienced suffering was taken away from all the beings who were torchered and killed, it was also drawn away from the planet and Adam Kadmon and we helped to dissolve suffering in our love that we sent out to handicapped beings. The red crosses were neutralized, places of suffering cleared by God´s and our love and fulfilled with Light. The beings were set free, healed and taken to places they belong according to their spiritual development. We beg for the beings from revolutionary phases and elements, too, so that they would be healed by God´s Light of love.

With love Hana Dušková



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