Atlantis and the Seven Copper Scrolls

    Time has come, the truth about Atlantis was disclosed to us and a “Master” from the ancient times of the lost continent has revealed himself.

    He is a being from Light, shining, wise, and possessing a vast knowledge, we know him from his many important incarnations on our planet and throughout the Creation.

    Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean just behind the Pillars of Heracles, precisely as was described by the Greek philosopher Plato (Aristocles). Its lowest part was not so far from the Terra del Fuego in America, and Antarctica. Plato was not wrong, as many speculators try to persuade us, placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea.

    These days we finally have been allowed to rescue the beings from Atlantis. We know that the decay of the continent was caused by the accrued negativity and evil, then the crystal skulls exploded and the whole continent was destroyed.

    In the times of rise, the crystal skulls had been used in a good ways, for healing the people of Atlantis. Now, their spirituality lies in the Light with the Father in Heaven. The “Master”, being one part of the Father, was the carrier of the chief skull, which was the middle skull and also the most important one.

    All magnificent beings possessing the crystal skulls were their carriers and patrons, they stood beside us on my left-hand side, holding the sacred attributes in their hands.

    We saw a shining being, the “Master” in Atlantis, who recorded on many scrolls the truth about life on that ancient and mysterious continent.

    We were shown that the Teachings of Truth and Love from Atlantis had spread to all directions all over the planet. When evil started expanding in Atlantis, many beings were hunted for spreading the truth, irritating magicians, mafia members and clergymen. The hunt has continued in various countries and continents.

    We saw a gloomy man with longer hair. Standing majestically in the dark woods, impure dark blue energy spread out around him. He was carrying a tree trunk upon his shoulder and was looking far ahead. This was a demiurge, carrying the trunk of the “Master’s” tree of life. Having destroyed the “Master”, he also destroyed the whole forest, which served as a symbol for many beings of Light.

    Aggressors who caused the decay of Atlantis were referred to Father and the Highest Council in order to take responsibility for their deeds.

    Spiritual look at Atlantis in the times of rise has shown us that there was Heaven on Earth. The Light from Heaven passed through all places and life forms and the Light and Love was reflected from Atlantis, ascending to the planet White Cone where the highest spiritual beings reside. It was kind of mutual connection.

    Spiritual vision has also projected us the history. On the planet and throughout the universe, the most important was and still is the Father in Heaven, the Creator. With him are two brethren, two Sons of God, called Jehova and Jesus Christ. They were equal and even with the Father. Father said: “I am both of you and both of you are I.” He had not been preferring any of the brethren. Had there still be harmony and love among them, had they collaborated smoothly, the Heaven on Earth would have been here with us till now. But Jehova tried to prove himself as the God who would rule the world.

    Everywhere with Jesus has been Light, still pure and shining.

    But everything around Jehova begun to darken, and the more proselytes Jehova had, the more dense was the darkness, which finally tried to encircle the Light. Aggressors had been oppressing the Light, which was consequently shrinking as the dark was expanding. The schism arose on Orion, maybe even earlier.

    In Atlantis, Helenka was the Light, she was the “Master”. She also recorded on scrolls the truth about life in Atlantis and the scrolls were spread out throughout the whole civilized world.

    The scrolls were carried by many beings. We also saw the port and ships upon which the scrolls were shipped over the ocean.   

    Many beings were captured, tortured and brought to death. That’s why so many envoys were sent out: in order for truth to be able to survive at some place at least. Then the truth was conveyed by word of mouth from one generation to another. In order to silence the truth, so many Christians were prosecuted and killed by the aggressors.

    Many scrolls were carried over to Egypt. Together with another discovered scrolls they were collected in the Library of Alexandria by the banks of the Mediterranean Sea.

    The beings who spread the scrolls, could now be rescued from all around the planet. We expressed our thanks to them for spreading the truth, keeping faith and laying down their lives for it. On the planet, their life cycles have been repeating.

    We were shown where Atlantis is located. Even though the continent was destroyed by a great explosion, the Light still comes out of it. There are many beings chained to it, not willing to leave, still longing for the paradise lost. They have the Atlantis kind of energy inside them. We begged for the Brotherhood of Relief and angels to be sent out to explain them that Atlantis is a mere history now. That life must go on and those beings are lacking necessary progress.

    Father in Heaven himself emitted a broad ray of Light, the same kind as the beings in Atlantis have been remembering, prompting them: “Time has come.” And so the beings let themselves to be uplifted toward the Father. They were not afraid, because they recognized the Light.

    We were shown small kids inside white energy. They were jumping with joy during their carefree games. We saw modest women living in harmony with nature.

    Then some impoverished beings revealed themselves as beggars. In the times when evil started to prevail in Atlantis, they were loving beings driven to the fringe of society. And the evil was becoming more and more dense. 

    We begged for purification of Atlantis and for rescuing all its inhabitants. Each aggressor will be given a just revenge according to the universal laws of Light. But we also expressed our forgiving.

    We expressed our thanks to 12 spiritual patrons of the crystal skulls for protecting them. The skulls were cleansed and given to the Father.

    We also expressed our thanks to Helenka, the Shepherd of the shepherds, the Guardian of the Universe, the “Master”, and also to her spiritual part – Hermes Trismegistus, who delivered knowledge of Atlantis to Egypt and Greece. There, his Teachings and knowledge had been appreciated as the most sacred learning.

    In the underground of Atlantis, a black root has been shown to us, and then eliminated. This root was created by dark black devastating thinking of aggressors. Impure energy coming out at the location of the ancient continent was also eliminated. Then everything was perradiated with love. The high sea waters were wild over Atlantis, with strong dangerous streams. Purification made the ocean peaceful again.

    We saw a being, kneeling and poking the hands in sand. The being was looking for something, knowing that it is hidden in sand, and also its precise location. A tube was revealed with a cylinder inside. The cylinder is actually a copper plate, with wordings inscribed to its back face. These are the important truths from Atlantis. The copper plate was wound as a scroll, inserted into the tube, and sealed with protecting caps on both sides.

    There were seven copper scrolls, each containing some part of the truth. The scrolls were numbered by Roman numerals as we call them now.

    Truth stamped into the copper scrolls together with the names of the most violent ones was unbearable for aggressors, who then caused decay of Atlantis. Truth and scrolls could not have been destroyed, thus the aggressors stole them and carried them away to various places on the planet, which they considered as undiscoverable. Only one of the scrolls, namely the scroll VII, was being carried in the heart of a loving being. Even murdering its many incarnations’ material bodies was not enough to destroy it. The demiurge was expressly named as one of the most important aggressors and destroyers of Atlantis.

    From the seven scrolls, we have found scrolls numbered 1, 2, 5, and 7. Scrolls 3, 4, and 6, were found with help of the Father himself.

    Scroll I was cached away in the roots of the Atlantis’ tree of life, deep in the ocean. Its two thirds were black, rotten with evil and time. The rotten part of the tree of life was erased from Akashi records of both Atlantis and the planet, together with evil which was destroying it. By the act of God it was isolated from the healthy part, removed and eliminated. The healthy third of the tree is still light, strong, robust, lean, and tall. Having cleansed this healthy part, its roots, trunk, branches, and sound fruits, having strengthened it with our love, this part of the tree of life was given to the Father in Heaven. It was not absorbed by Light, but it integrated and blended with the planet’s tree of life. This way it was done.

    We were shown that the roots of the healthy part covered a great Light. The Atlantis’ egg of life was hidden there. When blooming, the tree was magnificent and tall, with treetop reaching to the planet White Cone. Its fruits of learning, truth and love, were absolutely sound. There was a developed civilization and Heaven on Earth in Atlantis. The fruits were from the Garden of Eden. The magicians were not able to destroy the egg of life. So, the copper scroll tube laid in the roots of the healthy part, besides the egg of life. Before the explosion of Atlantis, the tube together with the egg of life was carried to the healthy part of the roots by the grace of God. The egg of life is white, sound, and strong, and after having been cleansed it was carried away as the part of the tree of life and it blended with the planet’s tree of life. Now it lays in its roots, beside the planet’s egg. The egg of life was strengthened by our love and put under the protection of the Father in Heaven.

    The scroll II was dug up from sands of the Gobi desert by the patron of the air element. He precisely knew the place where the scroll was hidden.

    The scroll III was hidden in a safe in Vatican. This safe, or rather a vault, was a large tomb with relics of Popes and other mighty clergymen. Among them is a tomb of Apostle Peter. With the help of the Father, the scroll was dug up from darkness. A ray of Light illuminated it, thus the scroll was cleansed and added to the other scrolls that have been already found. The Father helped a lot in this matter.

    The scroll IV was hidden deep in the sea floor where, due to darkness, depth and high pressure, almost no animals can survive. The scroll was hidden at the tectonic plates near vents, through which hot gases and mineralized water come out from the core of Earth into the sea water. Those places could be the origin of life on the planet. The scroll was lifted up with help of the patrons of the water element, Archangel Gabriel and Poseidon, whose we begged for help.

    The scroll V was enclosed deep in the icebergs of Greenland. A ray of Light from the Father made a hole to the iceberg, thus the discovered scroll fell below the iceberg. Also there, the Light helped a lot with its lifting.

    The scroll VI was hidden by the demiurge himself in his forbidden ground (thirteenth room), where he safeguarded the scroll in order to prevent revealing the truth. Having eliminated his magic protection, the scroll was taken away from the demiurge by the grace of God, then cleansed and added to the other scrolls.

    The scroll VII was protected by a loving being in the heart. It has been already given to the Shepherd of shepherds.

    With love and gratitude, we expressed our thanks to the Father and all other who helped us to find, bring and cleanse the scrolls.

    In order to prevent damage or alienation of scrolls, we put them under the protection of God.

    All the scrolls were now together. We asked what kind of truth they contain. In this moment, all scrolls blended into one, with clean and beautiful light violet spiritual energy flowing all around. Looking to the planet, energetic writings have emerged. Each scroll contained one of the truths which now radiates above the planet in the form of a writing. We know of six energetic writings, but there are seven scrolls.

    The woman kneeling before us was a Genius Loci of Atlantis. She was uplifted with love. We strengthened her with love, expressed our thanks for her work and help to Atlantis and its inhabitants who professed “the Shining face” and the Father in Heaven. Genius Loci as the Guardian of Atlantis was suffering a lot when the continent exploded, it was a great spiritual and material suffering. The woman is a spiritual part of the Guardian of Universe and the Shepherd of shepherds.

    Atlantic Ocean is named from Atlantis continent which was located there. When time comes, the scrolls will be found also in the material world.

    The people of Atlantis did not know word of prayers, as we know them now. Our prayers can be traced to the era of Jesus Christ. The then inhabitants did not have prayers, but rather the songs of love. The energies are not different. It doesn’t matter whether you sing the Song of love or pray.

    During our prayers, Helenka stood up with the scroll VII in her hands. She blended with the being that protected the scroll and with the Genius Loci of Atlantis. A great ray of Light was created, reaching to the planet White Cone. The lifting light was connected with the Light which was emitted to all directions and flowing to us from the Father at the Spiritual Sun.

    “Light is all!” says the truth of the scroll VII.

    “Light is all!” will not be the next writing above our planet. It is the energy of Light, Truth and Life, it is the energy of the Father and the highest principle of Love and Creation. And the Light is everywhere and everything.

    Helenka, as the shepherd of shepherds, stood up and knocked the ground with her shepherd’s staff, proving the truth that I expressed. And thus the truth is spreading all over the planet, in all directions, together with the echo of that knock.

    The numbers of scrolls are in order of the writings above the planet:

Scroll I             Jesus Christ “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life!”

Scroll II            “Ask and it will be given to you!”

Scroll III          “God’s will be done!”

Scroll IV           “Path to God is Love and Love is the path to God.”

Scroll V            “Love heals.” 

Scroll VI           Father in Heaven: “You are all my children and you are the one.”

Scroll VII          “Light is all.”


    I felt a need to speak out the words of the Wandering Jew and I spoke them to all the Creation: “Shilim, Shilim, Shilim, Ohm!“

    With love,

    Hana Dušková,

    2nd February 2018

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