Astral world, anti-world and dull planet

    From the period when aggressors enter on our planet as magicians and controlled also energetic covering closely around our planet. They could more easily control thinking and feeling of all beings on the planet. They called this space the anti-world. In this area with help of magnetic web around the planet was “acting Kryon”. Black riders of Apocalypses headed by Yahweh on the basis of their megalomania thinking were proclaiming everywhere that the planet is dull and beings are captured in it. Magicians had they as prisoners because they can manipulate them and misuse for their purposes.

    The area of dark thoughts, manipulations and poisoned energy was preventing magicians from penetration of Light from Father on heaven to the surface of the planet where is life to prevent anybody perceive Father and His love.

    The author of book of “Message” for understanding of readers described on the vertical line levels of development of our planet from planet Gonga through Earth, Gaia and more (see 1st volume, page 147). Under planet Gongo she mentioned anti-world.

    Where our ends there begins the astral world. The same is valid about the aura of the planet. The astral world is not the anti-world. This is above the astral world. The astral world and the anti-world created two wide strips above planet.

    Magicians controlled the astral world for “help” during attacks and for magical devilments and spirits that did not left to Father or where they should and they were left in this astral world in this area. There is everything – thoughts good and evil, pours of different energies, larva of spirits after leaving material bodies, magical creation, spiritual media, incorrigible and wandering spirit...

    Magicians created anti-world and this was and for many magicians still it is “home”. There are demons and fears and anti-world is the place with the heaviest dirt and black energies, embryonic mass and spiritual parasites…

    Energy of the inscription of Jesus Christ “I am the Path, Truth and Life” that is spread above both areas and this means above astral and anti-world. In current time there is energy so strong that can illustrate, penetrate and act in material world and the life on the planet. And energy of words of Jesus Christ and his love helps and shows the Path which can pass through with Jesus help and help of Father on heaven through these two dark areas and to come closer to pure energies and close to Father. And other revealed energetic signs above words of Jesus still make stronger pure spiritual energy. Beings can more easily pass through two dark areas when they worship Father on heaven. That is why it is so important that each being change its thinking and feeling and understand laws from Light and this correct change can easily come through dark energy of astral world and anti-world to Light.

    Dense, wide and dangerous of both these areas that is why many beings cannot get through only those that are cleanest with energy and love. There is still so strong support from Father including evolutional jump of the planet that allowed quicker progress of beings in purification.

    After our begging the density of both areas was a little smaller and can help beings with pure emanation and their love and good acts. Everybody will receive help when they do the first step to Father on heaven.

    On the basis of equality, it is not closer to the planet the anti-world instead of astral and that is because the astral world is natural energetic area around the planet and the anti-world is created by magicians artificially and magically.

    Among anti-world and sign of Jesus was showed to us not so wide area filled with green four-leaves. This is temptation of magicians for the idea of luck for beings that they want to have in their hand luck what is prepared for them. That they should want to enter there from planet or astral world to this are with four-leaves as symbol of luck and that way they had to enter the anti-world first and there is where magicians want they.

    The elimination of magical temptations and dangerous thoughts of magicians around the entire artificially created area of anti-world. The area with four-leaves was not created really but thoughts about it were foisted by magicians to beings and they tempted them to cheap luck: “You should come into!” And from the anti-world they will not allow them leave. This was the dangerous trap of part of Yahweh living in the material world and black riders of Apocalypses living also in material world.

    When spirits were leaded to places where they belong and where they below on the basis of energies but not to Light they are staying in area of astral or according to their big guilt in anti-world. Also the area of anti-world had different layers.

    The astral area is almost similar, only close to the border with anti-world is little bit darker and from the point of view of this area is denser.

    The densest energy of anti-world is on the border with astral and closer to sign of Jesus it is thinner but only a little bit but it is still denser than in astral.

    We saw there many beings fit in the higher layer of astral under anti-world.

    “Anti-world never ends and will only grow up!” had written on paper one of riders of Apocalypses on which was also imprinted the black tree of life.

    When beings are dying, their spirit leaves their material bodies. They have to pass through these two areas to astral world and anti-world to get into Light. There is the Light that they see during dying in the end of the tunnel.

    Light in the end of the tunnel is place where are shining inscriptions from Father and Jesus: “I am the Path, Truth and Life.” Jesus showed everybody this Path through astral world and anti-world towards Light. In the dark passage for the dying there are waiting many traps and seducing. Not only on the planet in material world but in these areas there can pull them down dark spirits and magicians.

    Ignorance about dying cause fear when people do not have inside them faith in help of Father on heaven and Jesus that they will lead them through traps and temptation (see Prayer of Jesus Christ “Lord´s prayer”). They are probably also remembering their previous dying and leaving material bodies when they failed and they allow to seduce them by tempters and whispers.

    From anti-world guilty beings have to return bac to material world to repair in other incarnations everything what they caused when they get to anti-world. The repair is for many and many lives and when they succeed they as other beings should have possibility to pass through astral and anti-world to Light.

    The same is valid for beings in astral world.

    Everything is leaded and controlled from Light how long beings should stay in these dark areas and if their repair by themselves is possible. Everything is controlled by Father on heaven – Lord of Karma.

    Around the planet everything was purified by Sun of Justice and penetrated by energy and love of Jesus Christ till the planet. His love also penetrated entire planet.

    We saw opened passage to Sambala. Through Sambala descended to us precious visit from 23rd realm.

    Around us were gathering beings that saw our activity and listened to information provided.

    We understood that information from author of “Message” (again the development of planet in 1st volume, see page 147), that in 23rd realm here is passage to anti-world is correct and that light beings from this realm and under it 22nd, 21st … they have access down through anti-world and astral world to our planet for help to inhabitants of the planet. Light beings can and with love descend from higher realms can help us without knowing from which realm they came from. Completely and lay way we perceive them as angels and beings from Light.

    As proof that we correctly understood stand on my right side Creator – emissary from Spiritual Sun of the Highest principle of love and Creation that one that I met many years ago on Island and he knows that I remember him. His vibrations are so strong that we very lightly dizzy and I perceived vibrations and saw shining sparkles. Beings from higher realms are gentle and they adapt their vibrations to prevent their strong vibration harm us. When some time ago appeared to me Archangel he had cover on his third eye and he did not look directly to me. I had to lie down how I felt dizzy.

    High, noble and respected being, emissary waited till we understand. His energy passed through entire planet and also beings from all evolutional lines and elements perceived it and they almost did not breath how his energy was stroking them and is strong for them.

    What I pronounce spread to Creation and the activity occurs on planet in places where are present all shepherds and representatives of planets and stars. I asked for permission and I embraced the being. I felt trembling on my entire body.

Our planet in 7th realm is called Taurus, planet 2nd level of wisdom and spiritual leaders.

Our planet in 6th realm is called Centauri, planet 1st level of wisdom.

Our planet in 5th realm is called Gaia, planet of happy people.

Our planet in 4th realm is called Earth, planet of purification, blue planet.

    It is necessary to realize that we passed during our activity in the “Mission of White Cone” and “Mission of love” through three spiritual levels of development of our planet – Earth, Gaia and Centauri. This is for beings in material bodies very extraordinary.

    With love Hana Dušková

    21st September 2018  



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