In the beginning there was the „Light“.

Three big magic books were shown to us – green, brown and violet-red.

The green one was closed. The front cover was bordered with gold stripe and in the middle there were three big gold symbols as a monogram. They are three interconnected circles in the position of a curse. They are scopes of power of the black magical triad, a black disciple Paul (Pavel), a black son Jahwe and a mistress of the Black Cone and a black disciple Petr.

The book is work of the black son, the Apocalypse black rider who, based on the knowledge of the true Kabala, recreated its content and findings so that he could use them in magic and for his own benefit. And he passes the green book off as true Kabala. Therefore, a symbol of three circles, its three magical parts, its three upper black sefirots on the magical tree of life.

Both, the green and the brown magic books were created by the Apocalypse black rider and two magical books contain old spiritual learning that he had misrepresented and passed off as his own work. His books containing misrepresentations, their magical influence and effectivity were taken from the beings whom the Apocalypse black rider had influenced and debauched. We entreated that  the beings' thinking and perception would be cleared.

The green book with dark energy of black sketches, magics and drawings is on the magic tree of the Apocalypse black rider in the black sefira, and thereby in the Keter treetop. On the right steel column of the magical tree there is a brown book in the black Chochma sefira, his book of Secret. He passes off his magic findings and lies as a secret so that the beings would desire to get to know it. On the left steel column of the magical tree there is a violet-red book in the black Bina sefira, the old Bible containing Genesis. 

The black rider wanted to appropriate the information from the Archangel Raciel´s book and recreate it as his own work. 

Three magic books have been secured,  three times crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet in the past, present and future together with black curse and triad of magicans. The green book and its content has been eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame three times, the brown book and its content has been eliminated three times, as well as the violet-red religious book  and its content. The poisonous words from the books, sketches and echoes of the texts pronounced have been drawn away from the whole planet and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. Lies have been crossed out from the Akashi records and eliminated with magical circles, symbols and scopes of power of the Apocalypse black rider in all evolutionary phases of the planet. 

We see a circle and inside a lot of dead demons´ and archdemons´ heads with open voiceless throats full of killer teeth. They have been secured and, together with all bad produced, eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. Elimination was done by the God´s Daughter. 

We saw a big wheel of opaque biliary energy which glowed evil. It is the black Crown Keter in the black world of Jecir  with bottom shining through from the Tiferet sefira of the black world Berija. All on the magic tree, on the middle steel column, and here the black rider acts as in the role of the Archangel, we know, however, that he is the archdemon. 

In Light in the Keter Crown of the world Jecira there is a place where three worlds are interconnected – the world of Jecira, Berija and Acilut. And it is the place of Messias in Light.

The black rider on the black tree enters the black Jecira world from the black Berija world (both are the black worlds created by him „What is upward is also downward.“). He used his magical power and, from the top place of the black world Jecira from the Keter Crown, he gave the planet inhabitants the impression of false Messias. He also wanted to copy Aton, the God of the Sun, as he used to in his reincarnations a lot of times when he stood in the place of various gods. He will never stand in the position of any god any more, he will not finish any further page. The book is closed, he is opening it at the end and browsing through the book backwards into the past. He awarded himself with the titles of power in the past. The books with their content, the magical trees and ego of the Apocalypse black rider have been eliminated together with him by the Holy Ghost´s Flame, including symbols of his violence, three gold circles on the cover page of the magical kabala book. Evil shall not be found on this planet any more. 

We saw a metal rack with a lot of flat objects, such as flat black cushions or sleeves for documents. Some objects were taller, e.g. bowls or jars. Somebody was scrabbling around for something under black cushions. It is the black rider who is looking for something in his soul and heart under deposit of cobwebs.

He pulled out something shining. It is a scroll which he stole from the being from Light. He stole it directly from the Heavenly Father when the Father in his material incarnation was, in the space under Vatican, as a Heavenly Srivener, writing down the truth about the events taking place in Vatican. The black rider managed to steal one scroll in the period of his rule, when he was the Pope. 

It was already in that time when the scroll glowed Light so intense, that it got right to the heavens as a stream of Light.

The black rider already feels effect of the Gods´ Mills, he starts to be afraid so he took out the scroll from his heart.

The scroll contains initial truth that there was Light at the beginning of the Creation, and magicians led by the Apocalypse black rider wrote in the Genesis book that there was the Word in the beginning. Thereby they confused all people who believed the big lie and they still do. The cheater shall be responsible for distorting history and manipulation with the initial information about Light and he shall bear the consequences. 

He is clutching the scroll in his hand as a cheater, he is holding it as a sceptre and showing that it is him who rules and manages history of this planet, it is him who is holding the truth in his hand. That means he was always able to manipulate the truth which he did. 

The black rider is holding the truth in his hands – the scroll from Light which he had stolen in the past. By magical time machine, rusty train of gears, the sound of which we can still hear and which functions as a perpetual motion machine, he ruled the whole planet. He is convinced, that if he holds the truth he had covered, he represents alpha and omega, beginning and end of all events on the planet. And he also thinks that if he started up the time machine, it is only him who can stop it. As he gained control over the planet, he thinks he can end lives of its inhabitants. 

His envy that Kronos could gain control over time led him to have the time machine created by the big magician. He was drunk by the idea of taking control over the planet, and being able to do whatever he wants and his ego has grown to the „heavens“. He thinks he owns more than Kronos – Jahwe - used to. Kronos had „only“ the watch while he has the time machine. 

The perpetual motion machine, the magical time machine, is outside time and space in the universe, in the magical space. We begged the Universe Guard for help so as to secure the magical place where the time machine is located, so as the machine would be secured by the Specialists from Light, turned off, stopped, destroyed and eliminated as necessary, together with the Apocalypse black rider and the magician who had  created it. A magical sound produced by the time machine has been eliminated from the air and space where the machine used to stand together with its echo. The beings who used to be influenced by the sound for a long time have been cleared in all evolutionary phases of the planet. 

We can see a black circle from which a magical lightning goes downwards toward the man who is sitting in a yogin´s position. That all is the black rider, himself, a false Messias and yogin. He himself is recording information as a false Messias in the black Crown of Keter from the black Luna with which he is interconnected as a yogin by a magical lightning.

In the beginning there was Light, the Father. And the Father sent a ray of Light to exactly determined point in space, which was empty; and the point expanded and a hole that has occurred is called the Primary Crown Keter. This Crown is a hole through the centre of which goes all that is to  come into existence. All that used to be, is and will be goes through circular emptiness of the Primary Crown. And through the Crown the Father started to create the worlds of Acilut, Berija, Jecira and Asija.

The black Apocalypse rider has distorted the information about Light and wrote to Genesis book that in the beginning there was the Word. 

Saint John, material incarnation of the Son of God had an open mind, he recorded information and truth from the Light, he wrote everything down to sacred books. He was imprisoned on the Greek Island Patmos called also Greek Jerusalem.

The work of Saint John, work from the Light, was distorted by the black rider, cleric, in the past. He presented it as his own work. The Light cannot be distorted, it is the Only Light. The idea of the black rider that he represents basic columns of the religion, because he is Saint John, Saint Paul and Peter, has been, together with the black rider, crossed out and eliminated for male and female principle by the Sun of Justice in the past, in the present and up to the future in all evolutionary phases of the planet. 

In the fourth magical heaven, i.e. in basements of Vatican, a scroll from Light was stolen in the past, containing the information that in the beginning was Light. God´s daughter asked Father to open the scroll from Light and to let the Truth be spread out to all the Creation. 

The magical sentence „In the beginning was the Word.“ is misrepresented truth. This poisonous sentence and a magical tree of lies were crossed out and eliminated by the Sun of Justice and the God´s Lightning with the magician who has distorted the truth and thereby influenced lives of beings on the planet, their spiritual development and inhibited the planet development towards Light. The book of Genesis contains a lie presented by the church as truth. 

In the times of Jesus Crist, apostle John was incarnation of God´s Daughter, it was Mary Magdalene, i.e. a female principle. Jesus Crist was a male principle. Both principles and their incarnations were accused by magicians and clerics of pronouncing the magical sentence that in the beginning was Light. The magical accusation of male and female principles, of Jesus Crist and Mary Magdalene, was cancelled, drawn away from the whole planet and eliminated. Later on, the same was presented about John from Patmos, that he pronounced the sentence. We have eliminated this lie, too.

God´s Daughter presented truth from Light and prayer of Mary Magdalene and Mother of the planet to all the Creation. 

„In the beginning was Light, the Light was with God, and the Light was God, and the Light entered people´s houses and it hasn´t been absorbed, suppressed nor put out by darkness Ho.“

„In the beginning was Light, the Light was with God, and the Light was everything. Amen.“

With love Hana Dušková

30th May 2022



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