Elimination of evil “Kryon” and opening the passage between fourth and fifth dimension

     In July 2018 on the Meeting of the group White Cone representatives of the Universal confederation of planet and stars and beings from Light headed by Father Creator, Mother of planet Gaia, Guard of universe and the entire variety of beings from Light and on this meeting several important events involving our planet and planet and star in past occupied by aggressors headed by Jahveh fallen Son of God.

    Intervention of God eliminated in space other central source of concentrated evil called by magicians “Kryon” and also mention as “Magical service” including its Gordian net with covering by stones and magical connections with individual occupied planets and stars. In the same time was eliminated also magical connecting web around the entire planet connected on “Kryon” With magical web were eliminated also magical guardians of the source of evil (they called themselves “Angels of Light” but they were coming from darkness and with their names they confused all inhabitants of the planet) and obstinate magicians and aggressors in coincidence with universal laws from Light. These incorrigible magicians and violent beings and those that misused and still misuse information from Light on favour of darkness on the basis of their produced evil during many lives and current lives their evil will return back. They were affected by firing sparkles coming from the elimination of the source that took place by the Lightning of God.

    Their bodies and rests of rotten trees of life are firing from inside and similarly when the self-inflammation takes place by the fire of Elias. About their material end of life decides only Father on heaven.

    After purification of planets and stars including our planet by the Sun of Justice there was allowed by Father on heaven to open the passage between fourth realm (planet Earth) and fifth realm (planet Gaia) for those beings that manages the spiritual purification including energetic and material one and understood spiritual laws from Light including the Teaching of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalena and on the basis of emanated love they could progress in their spiritual development.

    After the process of progress ends the passages were closed again.

    Progressing beings we congratulate and we wish them to keep in mind all the time that they received a great Mercy of God.

    With love Hana Dušková



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