Dear readers,

as a first part of the extensive and unique work from Helena Šeblova we present you the Book of healing drawings. In these drawings are represented and interpreted human organs with its energetic potential and possible diagnoses of several diseases which very often affect inhabitants of our planet. Drawings can be printed, purified by energy and cleaned up with love. Then you can use them to heal various diseases, reduce their symptoms or recover completely.

This book as a medical aid can help you to enter the way of the truth and love, the path to the Light. For some of you the favor given to you during the treatment with Light will be the first evidence of the existence of something higher than the material world, if you approach to the book with love and humility, you will certainly obtain the help from Light. If you wonder whether thought originates from the substance or the substance is a product of our thinking, you are on a good way. Your questions that you certainly inquire will be answered inside Helena Šeblova´s extensive publications called The Message and in other volumes mentioned below. Their translation to English (Spanish) have already begun. Individual volumes are going to be available for you on our website in English and Spanish.

1.Volume  The Message  (The Casket of Treasures 1. – 3. Part)

2.Volume  The Message  (The Casket of Treasures 4. – 5. Part)

3.Volume  The Message  (The Casket of Treasures 6. – 7. Part)

4.Volume  The Way, The Path  (The Way, Path, The Platinum Book)

5.Volume  The Torch of the Truth  (Enter to the Hades´s Gate, Hekate is flying to the Sky, Gods in the crowd)

6.Volume  The Temple of Ages  (The Mirror of the World, Creators)

7.Volume  The Cosmic Unity of Love (Elements, The Song of Love, The White Cone)

Please accept this message as a gift of love from beings of light and from the author of the book. It can be helpful to purge all the negativity, bad thoughts and feelings and help you on your spiritual growth and progress to spheres of light.

The present work is not the only possible way to reach the understanding and enlightenment, but this is the direct way under the guidance of loving beings from Light, under the protection of God and with his consent.

With Love Hana Dušková, The White Cone group

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