The group of White Cone

Dear readers,

let us introduce you before you decide to read the books of Message us and our group of love-full beings which with permission of God received visions and drawings filling up this beautiful and teaching books how received it for us and now for you author of these books and our spiritual teacher Helena Šeblová.

The denomination of the group comes from the same named planet White Cone from 13th realm of Universe and we all come from this planet of highest love. Our composition is varietal based on age from 25 years old to 72 years old beings, with regard to gender there are mostly women, respected to education there are students who finished high school but also university, we comes from Czech Republic, Slovakia.

The range of time we dedicate to spiritual work is in material world several hours daily according to current needs and in other dimensions we work whole day and night because we are working under the protection and consent of God in different dimensions, realms, worlds of elements and different worlds of minerals, plants, animals and mankind and also different planets and stars in many worlds which are seemed but also in those which are hidden. We are beings of many dimensions and we are working according to the need everywhere in the universe and Creation and we fulfill our tasks for Light under the protection of God and love-full beings of Light which are teaching us, protecting us, those are also our doctors and helpers.    

All seven volumes of teaching of truth and love is teaching which is valid from the beginning of the human existence on the planet Earth for each being from different dimensions and worlds because we are all equal and laws of this planet are valid for everyone with no exemption. We are all created by Father on heaven and we are all his children.

We present ourselves because we are ready to reveal you and help you understand all parts, expressions, definitions or stories which will not be clear and easily understood for you during the study of teaching of love and we are ready to offer you complex interpretation and help how we will be able to and how we will be lead from Light to help you understand basics of this teaching that you could live according to your free will.

We wish you to get interested in these books and you should not miss the unique possibility which is offered to you from Light in the appearance of this studied Knowledge, study about higher worlds, life in other dimensions because that is knowledge about us as well.

Who was born on the planet Earth is obeying all its spiritual laws and also laws of entire universe and creation even he knows or doesn´t. Those spiritual laws are valid for everyone. It is always better to know about them and obey them than don´t listen to them and hide saying words: “That is not valid for me.” Because when the time comes and this time will come for each beings is better to be ready than get surprised.

We wish you all these books help you and bring you knowledge as they did for us. They will lead you through purification from magical practices till intimation and illustration. You should approach to them with love and opened mind and hearts.

In the same time as teaching books of love you have for disposition also healing drawings as additional part of knowledge united in the Book of healing drawings with the instruction how to use it to allow you accept healing energy and heal with it as well as make your spiritual, energetic and material body stronger.    

Those healing, forcing and purifying drawings come from the planet of healers and were interpreted and presented in material form by author of this book like interceptions of singular organs and parts of human body. The love-full energetic emanation of those drawings in spiritual worlds is rainbow colored.

The healing by them is one of the mercies of God which is inside us.

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