Dear readers,

This writing presented to you from the higher realms is unique. We all have data and information about us stored in our hearts, including the true teaching of love, which is known since "the year dot" and is as "old" as the mankind itself. It was just our ego that sometimes filled our hearts up in the way that prevented the Love from reaching us. The same could be applied to the teaching of love as well. We all know only sometimes we stained and many times twisted it according to our needs. We all know the cosmic laws that have existed here since the beginning of creation, but somehow out of indolence or laziness, pride or fear we are often not interested in them. We are mistaken in thinking that their fulfillment applies to everybody else, except from us. But time will come for everyone to realize his mistake and to see how much time if no many lives have been wasted instead that could have been used for self improvement and spiritual progress.

This piece containing 7 volumes of the teaching of truth and love written by Helena Šeblová will draw nearer and open you the door to spirituals worlds and to their true understanding. It will show you the way to the truth and love. It only depends only on you if you follow this path. On this path you will be guided by yours spirituals leaders of the Light until the time comes for you to rest in God’s arms. There is no other way. The truth is simple and clear and so is the love.

This piece is a result of a fourteen-year long spiritual work of the author and a work of the White Cone the group named after the planet bearing the same name. This planet belongs to the thirteenth realm from which all members of this group come from.

Once every two thousands years a mission bringing the teaching of truth and love to all beings is sent by the God the Father to the planet Earth. The last known mission was lead by Jesus Christ.

Also at the end of the second millennium, a mission was sent, and members of which started successively to wake up and get to know each other through this book’s author this books author which is the leader of the White Cone group. They learned how to heal, lead prayers and purge from all magic and evil. With the help of God and friends from the Lights realms, they purified the planet Earth and then the whole Universe. This mission successfully fulfilled its calling on 10th November 2005 and met the objective and promise given to the Father. The planet Earth was so purified, that it progressed to the fifth realm and fifth dimension. The era of magic ended and the planet Earth (Gaia) is at the beginning of the Golden Age. Once the Golden Age reaches its peak, the planet will be called the Star of Peace.

The teaching of truth and love is ready for everyone, who shows interest in them.

See for yourselves, after reading the first volume of these book series, if it catches your attention and if it makes you long for more knowledge about the spiritual worlds and our real home.

Most of the information contained in this extensive piece of writing is presented to the readers for the very first time and it forms the base for the teachings of truth and love.

May the peace and love be with you!

Hana Dušková

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