Spiritual imagery included in the books “The Message”, 8th to 10th volume, has been brought directly by the authoress of the whole “The Message” series, whether formed more materially in the 1st to 7th volume, or later channeled from the Light from the 8th to 10th volume. These images have been recorded at the 4th dimension, but are valid and effective without any borders between realms and dimensions.

    These are the following scenes: Father in Heaven, The Dove of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, The Holy Gral, The Savior, The Tree of Life, The Tree of Knowledge, The Tree of Wisdom, The Loving Heart, and The Healer.

    The images from the Miss D. K. have been recorded at the 5th dimension, thus capturing the lightness of existence which is felt by the beings inhabiting that dimension. They depict the evolution of the planet that had passed a very difficult stage of purification at the energetic and spiritual level. The purification at the material level is yet to come, however, there are some results of our arduous spiritual work becoming apparen.

    These are the following scenes: Hermes Trismegistus, The Guardians of the Universe, The God’s Trinitarity, The Gaia Planet under God’s Protection, The Planet’s Mother and Its Tree of Life, The Air Element, The Fire Element, The Water Element, The Earth Element, and The Blending of Elements.

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