The last triumph of the Apocalypse black rider – his soul

I have seen a black book with a small perforated ball on it. The black book contains distorted and misused doctrine of a Chinese philosopher Confucius, with the red ball being a symbol of the Apocalypse black rider´s fury as a warning for his imposture not to be found out by anybody. The book is his work. The red fury is to be found within his black Daat sefira on the middle steel column of his magical tree of life. He presents this work as work of his own, believing he is its author.

In the black Daat sefira filled with magical knowledge, he had created three documents that were then inserted into his three top black sefirots Bina, Keter Crown and Chochma so as to confirm himself a wise man who brings important doctrine. Should anybody call the authenticity of his work into question, he would by ruined by his fury.

Examples of distorted Confucius´ doctrine, the information from Wikipedia: „What has been emphasized most by Confucius was loyalty of a subject to the emperor. Confucius also stated that a wife should be subordinate to her husband.“

I have seen a small black rectangular plate with small white dots. The plate is hard as of black granite, it is a matrix with negative programs. The white dots are imposture, camouflage of cleanness. Black Daat is covered by the matrix representing magical protection from seeing the black book and documents.  All the lies pronounced by the Apocalypse black rider as truth and his „doctrine“ are hidden in this sefira on the middle column of his steel tree of life. 

The works of great wise men from Light have been hidden in the black Daat sefira by the Apocalypse black rider. Then, he misused the work and adjusted it so as to be able to dazzle and influence the beings on the planet. All his magical creation has been withdrawn together with him, his black Daat (hell) and eliminated. 

Daughter of God  has eliminated the Apocalypse black rider by The Holy Ghost´s Flame in every sefira, in all his forms and with black magical trees and sefirots including magical cognition in Daat. 

Confucius believed in equality of male and female principle. The lies that a wife is subordinate to her husband, issued as Confucius´s doctrine, have been crossed out from the books of Akashi records and eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. 

We saw 32 black cards. They are a symbol of 22 black ways among sefirots on the magical tree of life and 10 black sefirots. The cards with magical signs were used by the black rider to combine his magical creation. He used these devil´s pictures to tell people´s fortunes.

We see the Apocalypse black rider as a player, from his point of view he is above the beings from Light. He plays for all, it´s do-or-die. He is holding a strong trump h in his hand. On a trump card we see a sign reminding a black bowl with spikes/tips. The ball is his soul´s magical protection. He plays for his soul. Two shining beings are approaching the black rider, Light is approaching him, they are the God´s Daughther and Son.  He knows Light beaming from these two beings very well, they are the two beings from Light, whom he has always been attacking, and he sees them in this Light. He sees all the forms and incarnations of the God´s Son and God´s Daughter including a deer and a doe he brought down many times. 

The black rider hesitates whether he should put his last trump – his soul - on the table. He keeps his free will. He feels strong and undefeatable with the trump. 

At the moment, his soul is outside his corporeal body. Therefore, we see this image, it´s an image at the time before corporeal death. The black rider´s soul is connected with his corporeal body by a thin string. We see more connections. They lead to his demons at the bottom of the fourth sphere who are starting to be active and attacking the roots of the life tree of Adman Kadmon and the Mother of the Planet. 

In the next image we see the black rider leave himself at the mercy of the situation, he showed down his top trump (his soul) and gave up his life which he had been given by The Heavenly Father. And he gave way to evil. At the same time, his black Daat cracked and became „bladder“. 

The black heart with the black soul have been secured so that their content would not harm anybody. The black rider and black Daat with his last trump and demons have been detained, crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet and the God´s Daughter eliminated him and the blackness by the Holy Ghost´s Flame in all spheres and elswhere is needed. 

We see a balloon which is his idea of his pure soul. The balloon is inflated by his breath of death. 

We saw a big bell with no clapper, which the black rider had had hammered in the hell. The bell was eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame.

We see a skeleton standing on the Golgota where Jesus Christ has been crucified. The skeleton is holding a scythe in his hand and a death bell may be heard. The skeleton tolls the knell for himself. The Apocalypse black rider as a skeleton and his banshee have been crossed out  from the Akashi records of the planet together with Golgota, which as a skull symbolises his stuck-up ego and superiority. The God´s daughter as archdemon of birth and death, and also as death and banshee, eliminated him by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. 

Throwing trump on the table showed his last free will. Cutting thread of life of a corporeal body shall be decided by God´s will. 

For the Apocalypse black rider it was God´s Mercy and Heavenly Father´s insight, when he saw the shining Light with incarnations of the God´s Son and God´s Daughter. 

We see that he chained himself consciously to the rock so that he would never go to Light. The rock behind him is a peak of his way of destruction and he is at magic height. This is his Golgota, a place for his arrogant ego. From his point of view, he is higher than the God´s Daughter´s  and God´s Son´s Light.

The tall black rock created by the Apocalypse black rider´s black ego has been, together with chains, pedestal, him and his arrogant look eliminated by the Sun of Justice and the God´s Lightning. Looking down at the God´s Son and God´s Daughter by him has been eliminated too.  The black rider showed clearly that he despises Light. We see three Lights representing triunity of the God and he despises it, too. The God´s Daughter heard that thereby his fate is sealed, and what used to be allowed, she eliminated by the Holy Ghost´s Flame. May God´s will be done!

We are grateful to realize that every being has an option to decide until the very last moment whether it would turn towards Light or keep going on the way of destruction.

When the beings leave their corporeal bodies, they see Light of the Heavenly Father. The God´s Son and the God´s Daughter revealed themselves as Light to the black rider because they incarnated together with him in many lives to help to him. As always, the Apocalypse black rider prioritised evil and refused Light in this life, as he did in all his lives. After his corporeal death, he has never entered Light of the Heavenly Father. He chained himself to the black rock in order to resist.

We saw a black seed, a seed of suspicion. A magical seed of suspicion was to awake inside the trees of beings, so that they would doubt the true from Light and believe him, the black rider so that he could lead them astray to his path of magic. The first seed of suspicion with the magic tree was crossed out from the Akashi records of the planet, taken out from all the beings for whom we were supposed to pray for, and with negative programs it has been eliminated by the Holy Flame of Love. The spots made by seeds have been cleared, the beings´ thinking and feeling have been cleared and they were fulfilled by Light and love. We pray for all and for ourselves if we have ever doubted. Prayer to the Father to purify from all imposed doubts.

With love Hana Dušková

31th May 2022


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