Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet

    Hermes Trismegistus stood before me and asserted: “I am you and you are me.” I am his part, together with Jesus.

    Helenka entered the Hermes’s material body as one part of the masculine side and one part of the feminine side, whereas I entered as the one part of the feminine side. Thus feminine principle entered the male body.

    When we realized it, we could see Hermes Trismegistus in the form of a man inscribed in the circle by Leonardo da Vinci, spanning the whole territory of our country. Saint Agnes of Bohemia is also protected and strengthened by Hermes Trismegistus as the genius loci of our nation, as well as is our nation as a whole, everything that is good in it. His knowledge, i.e. knowledge from Atlantis, shall be transferred by the shepherds of men to the planets where they are working.

    The next vision showed this figure gradually growing and extending until it spanned over the whole planet. The picture of the person inscribed in the circle depicts our planet inside the circle.

    On the “Emerald Tablet” book cover, the person is not inscribed in one, but rather in two circles. The annular area contains five distinct characters with regular spacing. These are the notes’ symbols. From the person’s heart with an “ADAM” caption, love and Light is flowing in the directions of said notes, i.e. in the directions of five planets inhabited by the shepherds of Light, namely the Amber planet, planet of skullheads, planet of reptiles, Pleiades, and planet of the transformed souls. These planets are thus energetically connected with that person, i.e. Hermes Trismegistus, Jesus Christ, and the Teachings of Truth and Love.

    Information related to Hermes are sometimes filled with doubt: “His existence has not been proven, therefore it can be questioned.” Are the translations of the Emerald Tablet reliable or manipulated? Many magicians tried hard to hide the truth from us. The vision showed us a man standing with his legs apart in the form of a man inscribed in the circle, as painted by Leonardo da Vinci. But his legs were cast in the rock and his hands tied with chains. This way the magicians tried to imprison and restrain Truth and Love, Light and the Teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. They have been trying hard for many thousands of years. For nothing.

    The history of mankind, or rather its interpretation, is often presented by that second side: so-called scientists, magicians etc. When they don’t know something, they are not allowed to learn, so they resort to doubletalk and misinterpretation. But Hermes stood before us in his spiritual form, there is no doubt about his authenticity.

    We were shown the magic green tablet that was passed off as the original Emerald Tablet by one of the demiurges. The demiurge created his own emerald tablets using a magic crystal. That crystal has been creating interference and there are still many magicians connected to it. The false green tablets emit the same impure and magical energy as the demiurge’s green crystal. Its magical radiation is said to block and contaminate the Teachings as far back as in Atlantis, and it has also been doing it till now in order to block our access to the truth.

    So in Atlantis, the over-flourishing evil has acquired the form of a single central source. And just as the "Teachings of Truth and Love" have been preserved, so this source has been still alive, in order for evolution of the world population to carry on from the ever changing opposites of good and evil. Otherwise evil would not be here with us anymore.   

    The demiurge asserts that he is a sacred insider from Atlantis, the carrier of the crystal skull, and the bearer of wisdom. He stood before the mob of his supporters and with his megalomania and inflated ego roared like it was coming from the other world: “I am Hermes, so I speak!” Nobody then has heard him.

    Hermes met the demiurge that stabbed him in heart. It is an allegory to the willful persecution of the Teachings of Truth and Love, and therefore also the Son of God Jesus Christ in subsequent incarnations and beings who believe in his Teachings as well.

    The demiurge toted keys to the chains with which he chained Hermes, Truth and Light to the rock. Now he’s been deprived of the keys, the chains were unlocked and eliminated completely. Rocks symbolize prejudices of the magic, mafia, and church, their hardness and violent manners. Hermes Trismegistus, the Truth and Light were thus rescued and the wounds were cleansed with our love. Irregularities in the bodies and the tree of life were effaced. When we tried to eliminate the rock as the symbol for hardness, it moaned it was alive. Yes, the rock was right. From the places, to which the Hermes was chained, love emanated, because the rock was alive and watering him (rocks contain a lot of water, there are natural potable water reservoirs). It was a singing rock.

    I apologized to the rock and mineral kingdom as a whole for judging them in lump for magicians’ hardness. The wounds from nails used to chain Hermes to the rock were cleansed. The being from the mineral kingdom had been glad to be with Hermes, having the opportunity to help. From the spots by Hermes, clean water was flowing out from the rock, which watered him and thus he was able to survive.

    Many of the original scrolls indeed burned down in the Library of Alexandria. But the Emerald Tablets were named from the color of the precious and pure emerald gem stone, not from the green crystal of the demiurge.

    The true Emerald Tablet, books, and Teachings of Hermes Trismegistus have been cleansed and now their color is the same as that of our books “The Message”.

     The following information has been taken from Milan Nakonecny’s book “The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus”:

    “Even though Hermes was just a man, he reached the truth. He delivered us the Message from Atlantis. When hermetical manuscripts were discovered in the medieval Europe, they were often considered to be the deepest source of wisdom. And many philosophers considered them to be the origin of all philosophy, approximation of the hidden phenomena that God had put into nature.

    There are many stories around about the Emerald Tablet’s origin. One of them says the Tablet was found in Hermes’ hands by the Abraham’s wife Sara inside a cave near Hebron a few centuries after the Flood, another states the discovery happened during expeditions of Alexander the Great in the Hermes’ grave. Some also maintain that it was found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

    The early history probably could be traced to Egypt, where manuscripts and books containing the esoteric knowledge from Gods and also Hermes have been taken away from the magnificent temples, treasuries, dark tombs, and another hidden places.

    The original book was written in Greek, but it also could be written by Greek settlers in Egypt. It is known that the original has never been found, all found books being mere translations.

    Some quotes from the Emerald Tablet follow:

    “The body is to sublime to the spirit of nature, and the spirit to be connected with the body, in order to live together in peace and unity.”

    “It is not possible to enter the state of deity in Heaven, but what is above can be known from what is below. The Creator can be understood from the Creation.”

    “I see myself in everything and everything in myself, I exist in the see and the see exists in me, I exist in the trees and the trees exist in me.”

    “The celestial above, the earthly below, everything is accomplished through the masculine and feminine.”

    “The real sacred art is not that of making gold, but lies in profound realization of God and the own self.”

    “Hermeticism initiates the human to his inner “god’s world” in order for him to find the “Light a path”, thus allowing him the spiritual rebirth.”

    “The finest of materials is air, but finer that air is the soul, finer than soul is the spirit, and finer that spirit is God.”

    By talking with his own soul, Hermes learns the ways that would allow to save people from fall, so he implants the words of wisdom in them and waters them with the water from Heaven.

    Hermes Trismegistus was justly called “the father of all philosophers.” He was the ultimate source of knowledge and initiation for Pythagoras and Plato. The Emerald tablet is the synthesis of primordial wisdom.

    Hermes is accredited with many manuscripts, some of which were incorporated in the famous Corpus Hermeticum, especially the first part Poemandres which means “the Shepherd of Men”. The Emerald Tablet holds secrets at the physical, metallurgical, psychical, and spiritual level, and thus legitimates the Hermes’ very own work and mission as the “Soul Guide”.

    Hermes Trismegistus, the “Thrice Great” (i.e. Thoth, Hermes, and Enoch of Bible, historians think these could be his real identity.)

    Hermes Trismegistus is the Egyptian God of Wisdom called Thoth (depicted as the sacred bird ibis or a man with a head of ibis) which is known to Jews as Enoch (the Second Envoy of God). In the Greek mythology, he is called Mercury, same as in the Roman tradition. Egyptians thought of him as a guide by weighing dead souls in the Courtroom of Osiris, and he is also believed to be the inventor of the script, God of knowledge, and author of many manuscripts.

    The surname “Thrice Great” was given to him because he was the greatest of all philosophers, the highest of all priests, and the mightiest of all kings.

    Hermes’ books contain all the science of ancient Egyptians, especially their philosophy, medicine, and other learning.

    His works is supposed to contain forty two books, which unfortunately were lost during the great fire in the Library of Alexandria.

    Hermeticism is the teaching of Hermes Trismegistus. It contains the three sacred disciplines: magic (only the good one), alchemy, and astrology. Its Hebrew version is called Kabala, its Christian version is called Rosicrucianism.”

    To whom could it all be ascribed? The only answer is the Son of God. The Teachings of Truth and Love of Jesus Christ comes from the Teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, because it is still the only one real Truth from Light.

    That is the reason why the planet is inscribed in the circle with Hermes Trismegistus having his legs apart, because the Truth, his Teachings and knowledge belongs to everybody, to the entire planet. And the Song of Love, Knowledge and Gnosis is broadcasted all over the Creation.

    Hermes Trismegistus has presented himself in his form from the era of Atlantis, as an older man with white hair and fine, almost feminine features. Standing on green grass, he’s got a shepherd’s staff in his hands and the ocean water is calm. He turned away from Atlantis, because his mission has been already accomplished there, and so he went toward another lives on the planet.

    We begged for removal of misinterpretations and falsely added information from the previous Teachings. Only the true Teachings are broadcasted now. We expressed our thanks to Hermes for delivering the Teachings from Atlantis.

    Hermes Trismegistus delivered the Teachings of Truth and Love from Atlantis, and Jesus Christ was the upholder of those Teachings. Now it is Mary Magdalene and with her, also us, who carry the Teachings on.

    We begged for all the mankind to see the truth and the Path to our Father through the energy of the Holy Grail, and to be able to understand that the Light is all and that it is continuously flowing to us from the Father in Heaven.


Hermes Trismegistus


    Hana Dušková  18th February 2018



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