Help of the Angel of morning star

    Our kind thanks belongs to Angel of morning star, Son of God for the protection from hate, anger and violence from magicians and aggressors. Love of the Angel of morning star and the importance of the spiritual position of this person because he is Lord and supervisor above darkness protected us all in all realms and dimensions where constantly strong pressure of negativity was performed, attacks from magicians and aggressors that did not wish to reveal the truth.

    We perceived and felt only such amount of negativity to be able to manage all attacks from magicians and to not overlook anything and correctly understand that magicians and aggressors are capable of everything and to recognize attacks and their attacks and weapons and we were able to eliminate them. The major part of negativity and demonstration of aggression from attackers eliminated Angel of morning star itself or his helpers from Light.

    The position of the Angel of morning star also secures and guaranty that each attacker receives back and will receive back in future what he used to harm others and how he breaks universal laws from Light and what he prepares to him because Father on heaven did not punish anybody but on the basis of equality of energies and universal laws everybody receives back what emanates out. And now we know that evil will destroy itself.

    Inhabitants of our planet and Universal confederation of planets and stars took part in our Meeting and observed elimination of central concentrated source of the evil in universe – “Kryon” and everything connected with it and also return of evil back to those who created it and destroyed planet, its inhabitants and life on the planet.

    Help of Angel of morning star was and still is so big that without it we couldn´t work and fulfil important tasks that are presented from Father, Council of Highest, Guard of universe and other competent beings from Light.

    With love and in humility and respect we thank you.


Angel of morning star



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