Atlantis and the Seven Copper Scrolls

    Time has come, the truth about Atlantis was disclosed to us and a “Master” from the ancient times of the lost continent has revealed himself.

    He is a being from Light, shining, wise, and possessing a vast knowledge, we know him from his many important incarnations on our planet and throughout the Creation.

    Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean just behind the Pillars of Heracles, precisely as was described by the Greek philosopher Plato (Aristocles). Its lowest part was not so far from the Terra del Fuego in America, and Antarctica. Plato was not wrong, as many speculators try to persuade us, placing Atlantis in the Mediterranean Sea.

    These days we finally have been allowed to rescue the beings from Atlantis. We know that the decay of the continent was caused by the accrued negativity and evil, then the crystal skulls exploded and the whole continent was destroyed.


Energetic Writings above the Planet

    For a quite long time, we have been reading a group of four rainbow-colored writings that are visible from each and every place on Earth. Looking from the planet, the nearest writing says: Jesus Christ “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life!” The second one is as follows: “Ask and it will be given to you!” The third writing says: “God’s will be done!” and there is also the following motto shining above all the writings: “Path to God is Love and Love is the path to God.”

    We keep asking the Father in heaven to enlighten all beings by the Holy Spirit, allow them to see those writings and to be able to understand them, to accept them in heart, as well as to begin to live in accordance with cosmic spiritual laws of love and the God’s will.

    We wish all beings to be able to purge themselves so as to find within themselves the Spark of God, i.e. the part of the Father in heaven, and realize that there is no need for any intermediator between this Spark of God and the Father in heaven. We wish all beings to be able to distinguish between Light and darkness, between good and bad, between what is true and what is false, and between true love and attachment.

    With love,

    Hana Dušková

    18th September 2016

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