What about homosexuals?

This illness is chosen in karmic plan. People suffer from it because they are dedicating to materialism and their senses. Like homosexual is reincarnated a spirit which in the previous life changed many partners and abandoned them regardless thinking on his own lust and searching for new mates. He was following only his lust and he was insatiable. This spirit is born like homosexual to feel it on his own all problems he made and to impede him fasten contacts. In the next life he can’t find any partner. If he was bearing it with humility his karma will be balanced and in his next life he is going to be normal. But if he still kept lusty and he started to seduce children in case of luck of possibilities he will certainly has this karma for at least three future lives. This is the punishment for not knowing the barrier of sexual lust. His karma will be balanced as fast as he understands that he can underestimate the lust. This perverse instinct is dedicated to him for make him suffer from because normal people don’t understand them and they detest them for themselves. The homosexual suffer from because he caused many pain and injustice by his lust. He will live ascetic life and regulate his instincts even though is suffering but he is balancing his karma. This is last period. Than for homosexual awaits only one life and in this life he will be misused by another homosexual. If he doesn’t fail to this again he will pass the trial and his karma will be balanced. Then he will be normal. Extraordinary could happen that a homosexual becomes a spirit only for one life. That occurs to those who haunted homosexuals excessively. They have to live on their own to understand their problem. For this usually one life is enough.

So these are no rebels from higher realms or individuals who the nature want to destroy?

No, they aren’t and nature has better measures for this. In higher realms there are no rebels, there are only people lead by love fulfilling willingly nature and moral laws. They also have some problems but these are from different kind that your ones.

Peace with you!





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