The sleeping prophet Cayce

Can you tell something more about the sleeping prophet?

I know that you are thinking about him all the time. This is one of those who are connected in trance to the astral.

So he is a medium?

He is something similar. Medium is trying to connect to spirits in case of Cayce is opposite because he was seek by those spiritual beings. Diagnoses he was receiving that he turned to the trance sleeping and he replaced making the place for spirit which had the correct abilities. He was able to connect to higher realms. He was connected to doctors or scientists who wanted to help the mankind.

There was no problem that he was smoking and without correct regime?

No, there wasn’t because those spirits wanted to pay their debts whatever it costs and they were also missing their previous profession that is why they begged this opportunity. There was Cayce chosen because he was the correct person for this purpose by his system and Father gave the vision of Christ to have the certainty of working in the name of God. He even though had many doubts.

It looks like spiritualism to me.

In case of spiritualism there is the will of the medium which searching for the contact and to the trance is lead by auto-hypnosis. Cayce wasn’t searching it because we were searching the contact with him, we spiritual beings with the permission of Father.  That is why there was no danger like in cases people long for contact alone without permission of Father. That is really dangerous because they can connect to negative or uninvolved spiritual beings.

And what about his forecasts? Was he connected to the universal intelligence?

That what you call universal intelligence is not a source of knowledge. Those are spiritual beings that are concerning this knowledge and signing down all developed thoughts in fields of knowledge, art or science as well as philosophical field. There is also a time dimension so there is no problem to forecast future. The easiest thing is to tell about past because those are Akashi records. The future can be estimated on bases of knowledge about previous development and dedication of karmic plans, on bases of singular acts in case of persons, nations or planets.

Why was Cayce suffering headaches and other disease?

He has his karma and he was balancing it by his service to mankind but he wasn’t following the correct regime and the connection to higher spiritual beings was in disorder with his spiritual body and material as well. Also he was overestimating his skills and especially he wasn’t begging for help and treatment.

Why he couldn’t work conscious this way?

He wasn’t developed enough to be able to do it and Father first make this happen because we considered it easier but then mankind was so proud and revolted and especially untrusting there where it could trust and very silly and trustful in cases where shouldn’t be like in contact with negative beings.

And what about us? We are in connection with material or spiritual world?

My dear, I was expecting this question. You are in connection with God, you don’t have enough proofs like our letters and messages which we are signing with full name? You know well that from fourteenth realm the spiritual and material world is melting up and that is why we appear like human beings to human and to others like spiritual beings.

What is easier for you?

This is the same. We take the appearance which is necessary.

Are you adapting yourself to our expectations?

Only in case of untouched people. In case of intimates we consider it vainly.

Now I’m little confused I thought that you were living the material life in the planet White Cone?

Yes, but this planet entered the God realm and dimension, you know it well.

Yes, but I never thought it till all consequences. When you are here with me, you are materially or spiritually here?

That is difficult to say it depends on situation. Now you are afraid that this is spiritualism but you don’t have to because this is not it. The White Cone was from the eleventh realm connected to God and it was caused by inhabitants of this planet because they were always those most full of love and most advanced. Here in Earth we have to take the material appearance because in other way you can’t perceive us and till now when we did it you have still problems with perceiving. Others your friend from tenth and eleventh realm are material but you know well that also doctors from eighteenth and twentieth realm are healing you as well. We are doing all this to make you able to fulfill you task and help humanity and mankind. You are not media but equal partners and we appreciate your courage which you needed to reincarnate here to this negativity. You have the most difficult position but most beautiful tasks and when our tasks are connected to yours we are fulfilling them so excitingly. Not every human being accepts our help and we can’t change it. We are sorry for them because their journey will be much longer.

Thank you very much Jesus, you precisely specified what is troubling me.

You don’t have to be afraid because we are watching you and teaching you when you need it and wish it.

Peace with you!

F., thank you do you have something for me?        

No, I would like to add just one short note that the cooperation with you in that new way is proved more useful. This way is shorter and you mind is not made out and healing process can be done immediately. Yours lessons are faster and methodic as well. You don’t have to fear us because we are really from light realms. I’m from twenty eighth realm and your teachers and healers are oscillating between eleventh and thirteenth realm. You are receiving the best we have for you and it is happening gradually according your level of understanding, as well as teaching and methods of treatment and preparation to the teacher position. You have to be calm but careful and no negativity will be able to approach you.

Peace with you and trust us because we will lead you through the path of love and truth.

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