Karma is law according to spirits reincarnate and purifies themselves from their guilt. This is not a God punishment. God is love itself which could not punish anybody but our spirit punish itself because when he comes in the face of God and he sees his guilt, it is unbearable for him that due to his acts he grows away from him.  He asks for possibility of the remedies and passes this trial again through similar situations when he failed until he solves them correctly and he balances his evil acts with good ones. He has to reincarnate again to complete this task.

The more the spirit is burden with evil acts the more he gathers all eviland he becomes heavier sinking down to dark realms growing away from God Father. In contrary if the spirit emanates love and good he becomes lighter and he raise to high realms closer to God Father and finally he melt with him.

When he enters to light realms he doesn’t have to reincarnate and lives his spiritual life helping less advanced spirits depending on the spiritual level he reaches.

Higher spiritual level brings more difficult task. Sometimes the task is so difficult that this spirit is accompanied by guiders, counselors and helpers. Sometimes other spirits reincarnates to help him in this difficult task. Father and Jesus keep an eye on them. They receive all possible help despite sometimes happens that this spirit loose his way and misses the target. After that he sinks down and receives less difficult tasks till he recover and is able to manage his principal task after that he reincarnates again.

In contrary if the spirit is capable to fulfill his task he grows up spiritually and if he is doing very well can be awarded by spiritual medals or rewards. That reward has the form of white rose which never fades. He has the right to have this rose in his heraldry. Then he can have a rest for a while. As another reward he can choose his stay on some other happy planets. The time of the stay he ca also decide all alone. Those highest spirits are with God and Christ. Later they usually choose another difficult task. The example of this spiritual movement are apostils and others biblical beings. Those reincarnates every two thousands years when the new age is coming and Christ visits the Earth. They reincarnate also when an apocalypse of the civilization is coming to help all people who are justice. This is also true in 1992 when it depends on us if this planet turns to good or sinks to evil.

If the mankind doesn’t redeem all justice ones will be evacuated to friendly planets which will correspond to their spiritual level.

Not only people are bounded with the karma, there are also nations with this problem so people have to beware of evil and fight against it, they have to control their thoughts and acts. They have to help others with love and stay white as a dove of piece of the Holy Spirit and raise up to our Lord on heaven our Father God.

Peace with all people of good will.

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