About sixth realm

In the sixth real there are beings more developed than in fifth one. Also their world is less material or heavy how would you said. There is no illness or misery and no money of course. Everyone is followed according to his abilities and capacities and he is offered a job. His job is his pleasure and hobby. The number of hours spend in job is declared by a contract like here. There are no limits of delegation of need like here in fifth realm but everyone will receive what he wants. That is planed according to number of inhabitants and there is calculated with a certain overproduction to allow enough good in case someone changes his plan of needs. The production in this realm and economics is not devastating for nature and environment because beings living in sixth realm have the inexhaustible source of energy which production is not harmful for anybody.

People have enough time for job, education, culture and family life. In this dimension parents still raise their children independently in the principle of God’s love. The education is not violence and is tactful. The family represents safe feeling background.

 In this realm people know the power of thought and they use it to creation of new values. The path is opened to seventh and eighth dimension for intimates also to ninth dimension. They are mostly artist, philosophers and doctors. Those are still there because there is danger of accidents and the regeneration is given only to intimates. Common illnesses are overcome by meditation that is why illness nearly doesn’t exist there. Some doctors enter there the ninth dimension. Those can manage miracle surgeries. Resuscitation is used only in case of injuries because people learned enough about spiritual life and reincarnation that they don’t bear the leaving of their closest so painfully and they know that this is the spiritual progress. In case there was a tragedy or in better words there was an premature accident when this person wasn’t able to complete his task or important duties for common good there can be used the resuscitation or transplantation of single organs according to situation. That is really extraordinary because everyone is obeying laws and don’t have many karmic bounds. Karma exists there because pretentions for those beings are higher but always reasonable. They are more advanced and mature but they still have their problems.

The intimate who entered the ninth dimension could see the future and he can telepathically speak to other being of lower realms, he can use levitation and emanation also material transportation, he knows matter and antimatter. From your point of view he is doing miracles because he can rule his mind and he can concentrate perfectly. He works for common good with full love and for all being in the universe. I think you have now some idea about intimates of higher realms and dimension and that is why we are not going to describe higher realms and dimensions because in your conditions of thinking you are not able to understand it.

Peace and love with you!


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